Edouard Monseau

Silicon Valley - It's a small world

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on May 13, 2016

“It’s very hard to go to Silicon Valley when you’re European. But once you’ve stepped in it’s very easy to find new opportunities.” That’s what I could read before getting my job. I can now testify: it’s almost unfair how making connections and get into conversations with top-notch people here is part of the daily show when you know how hard it is to get a job in the Bay Area coming from Europe!


Many people here use the expression “it’s a small world”. Of course this expression will remain, first of all, the world-renowned attraction at Disneyland (do you remember the music? Right – now you’ll have it in mind all day long!). Instead of pirates, puppets, and other lovely characters who all seem to enjoy their fictional existence, you’ll find in Silicon Valley a set of entrepreneurs, large companies, and smart people who are all willing to help each other thrive.


Don’t get me wrong, unlike in a Disney world, the competition here is huge and I’ve stopped counting the number of startups that all appear to be doing the same thing – approximately be the next disruptive company using state-of-the-art technologies to change the way you’re doing business.  But people here will be glad to give you a bit of their time to either help you or get you in touch with somebody they know who will. That’s part of why networking clubs are so popular here: you can hear about game-changing insights from the speaker directly, or afterwards while casually enjoying a glass of wine with another attendee. That’s how business is done!


I was attending the IoT World 2016 event in Santa Clara this week supporting the new Hitachi Insight Group launch. It was another opportunity to see this “little world” interactions taking place: getting to know this person who can boost your social brand visibility, give this other partner some of our cameraman’s time, or simply stay stunned by this company that made it possible for a formerly race-driver now quadriplegic to drive again.


I’m very glad and grateful to have been given the opportunity to enter this small world… And I hope this article is sharing my newcomer viewpoint on this in a truthful manner!

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