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3 Things Successful People Do Differently In Silicon Valley

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on Jun 10, 2016

Your environment is a great driver for your success. Silicon Valley has a lot of the world’s smartest people and learning from this environment is a great opportunity. Here are three key findings I’ve made so far about successful people.


First, they use their strengths. The truth is, even though you may be smart, there will always be somebody smarter. When you’re in Silicon Valley the average person is actually really smart. So how do you intend to compete with these persons if you’re not playing your assets? I’m personally the kind of person who’s always been willing to work on my weaknesses in order to be as safe as possible in any kind of situation. This environment makes me realize that if you want to be part of the top-performers, at some point you need to be aware of your weaknesses but accept them as they are, and make use of your strengths to make a difference. That’s the only way; being smart but not playing your core game won’t enable you to be above average anymore in such an environment.


Second, when they have an idea, they implement it straight away. What about the risk? Well, the greatest risk is here to stay at a standstill. If you don’t move your competition will and you’ll be out of business. So don’t wait! If you have an idea just go for it. If you don’t there’s somebody somewhere who, for sure, will.


Which brings me to the third point; you need to pivot quickly. Yes, people have a lot of ideas and they start it right away. But it doesn’t mean they’re good ideas! Again, you need to move if you don’t want to die. But nobody moves all the time in the right direction. So they go for their ideas and just keep an open mind in front of the results. Then they decide whether they continue and how. It didn’t work at all? No problem, drop it, something else will! Google has tons of failed projects. That’s the price to pay to find the really profitable ones. Sometimes they also have the good ideas but need to make pivots in their strategy: seldom did businesses find their business models at their first try. Again, Google had to pivot a couple times before becoming a highly profitable company…


I’ve explained the points of using your strengths, implementing your ideas right away, and pivoting quickly as needed. What do you think are the other things successful people do differently?


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