Edouard Monseau

Find Out About the Promise of Next-Generation IoT Platforms and More

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on Jun 24, 2016

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You have probably already heard about IoT, the Internet of Things. In the articles over the web it’s surprisingly overwhelming and yet we’re only at the beginning of an era according to the previsions of many reputed analysts. Indeed, so far many companies have their own projects of IoT and IoT platforms that they’re developing or already pushing to market (Copenhagen already has its own City data exchange!). The ideas out there are quite exciting. You may be interested in connected homes or personal appliances; personally I’m particularly thrilled about the social innovation applications of IoT. Social innovation is about solving social problems, the larger the problem the better. It’s about what matters to society that maybe you wouldn’t have thought of at all because you couldn’t imagine these problems possibly had solutions! For example creating a predictive crime solution to stop crimes before they happen…


Now, the word “platform” may sound very boring and pretty shallow to you. Truth is, most of the magic around IoT future applications resides in the adoption of huge powerful converged platforms by the cities, or at least so when it comes to finding social innovation applications. As the number of connected sensors is exponentially increasing, so is the data generated. To create such solutions as predictive crime analytics you need to gather all of the data out there from private and public appliances in one single place in order to be able to run your analytics for meaningful results. Data is at the core of IoT innovation, and having all of this data in a central place is the condition for enabling innovation.


The current state is that companies have started to develop their IoT platforms and their IoT solutions. Some do matter, like the one described above, and some give high hopes, for example when Jack Domme announces that if IoT could help reducing food waste by 50% it would solve hunger in the world. Now what I want to point out is that the open IoT platforms are promising an increasing volume of these amazing progresses for society. Companies have started to develop their solutions. The time is coming, very near actually, when big data generated by the cities will be available in centralized open platforms that developers and startups around the world will be able to access to drive the progress of society. Well, of course you can also find smaller applications that will be cool, too. Anyway, my point is here: next-gen open IoT platforms will support best-in-class IoT solutions, some of which are already available; but even better, the data they’ll generate will be an inspirational basis for social entrepreneurs. And if social outcomes can match profitability expectations, there’s hope for deeply meaningful changes in the coming years…