Edouard Monseau

What is it Like to Work in the Internet of Things?

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on Jul 1, 2016


Working for Hi-Tech is different from any other kind of industry. IoT is booming with all sorts of cutting-edge applications and is enabled by extremely powerful hardware infrastructures. But what’s so different in your daily life when you’re actually involved in this revolution?

One great aspect is that you’re getting familiar with very various topics. Indeed, IoT isn’t only about B2C applications. It turns out that B2B possibilities are thrilling! It’s cool to get the latest connected bracelet or a connected light bulb that automatically turns on at dusk. But with proper solutions you can help improve society so much! It ranges from smart cities that want to provide safer cities that are more environmentally friendly and less bothered by traffic congestion to smart medical scanners using the data from all past studies to help doctors establish the best diagnosis. IoT has got branches in topics such as city management, health, public safety, oil and gas, energy management… Most of the applications being still to be discovered based on the big data that’s generated by the increasing number of sensors.


Then, you’re moving in the dark. What I mean is that everything is entirely new. It’s not about adopting the new leverages of progress, it’s about creating them. What can we create that’s going to make other companies more successful? What’s incredible with IoT is indeed the impressive ROI it promises. That’s why Los Angeles has moved forward with the smart city lighting project. Other example, Jack Domme declared that by saving half of the world’s food waste, IoT technologies could end world hunger. I think it’s understandable that to see so much energy and excitement around the future of IoT! Everything is still to be created. However as nobody knows for sure yet what’s going to be successful they’re tip-toeing and being very entrepreneurial. And even though there are great ideas coming from this reflection the limits can be different than expected. Uber can think of driverless cars, but would customers jump in? We’re arriving at a time when the major limitation for progress is going to be the adoption rate of people instead of the technology capabilities. It raises both great opportunities and concerns regarding the future developments in Hi-Tech.


Working in IoT is very exciting and stimulating curiosity on a variety of different topics. It’s challenging as you’re immersed in a creation phase which is exploratory and entrepreneurial, with ambitious possible outcomes and still a lot of incertitude. Definitely a ride that’s worth joining!