Edouard Monseau

Looking Back On Today From The Near IoT Future

Blog Post created by Edouard Monseau Employee on Aug 12, 2016


The following story is fictional and aims at giving you a taste of IoT integrated in our lives in a (very) near future.


It’s Monday morning and my alarm rings. It’s this song I’ve liked and listened to ten times on Spotify last week; my phone decided it was a good way of waking up. It also triggered the coffee machine. Smells so good, THAT will give me energy for the morning! I give feedback to my reseller and then new coffee is ordered when I run out. The system nailed it! It’s the perfect blend of bitterness and roast for my taste buds. My fridge orders new eggs as I’m frying the last ones. Oh I’d better hurry up as my speaker is telling me the traffic is heavy this morning. I don’t want to be late. Mondays start the weeks and should be perfect! 5 minutes later there’s an update, the traffic situation is back to normal. Since my city has become smart I’m always impressed at how efficiently heavy traffic is handled within minutes. I’m feeling more energized, too. Maybe it has something to do with the drop in pollution. Smart grids and traffic optimization have played quite a role here. I remember they said back in the time, cars looking for a parking space were responsible for 30% of congestion and so much pollution. Thanks god it’s not the case anymore! My car automatically drives itself to an available parking spot close to my work while I’m gathering my thoughts.


Many people in the office! I go to the desk that’s been assigned to me for the day based on my schedule. When I enter the room light and temperature adjust to fit my preferences (my smartphone memorized it for me and “talks” with the room). What can I say, I’m French and I’ve never gotten accustomed to the extreme use of AC most people have in the US. I’m starting my computer and checking quickly the state of the factory. Looks like 2 machines report consuming unusual high energy. They probably just have to be oiled, I schedule them for maintenance at the end of the day. There was a time before predictive maintenance when they would have been damaged because they would run too long in this situation, and then the manufacturing chain would have to be interrupted sometimes for a week because we were missing the degraded part. What a waste of money it was… A notification pops up, reminding me I haven’t been physically very active last week and suggesting me to stop by the gym before lunch. Agreed! Moreover I’m usually more productive in the afternoon after doing some sport. It just feels like you mind is clearer and sharper.


The day has passed so fast! I’m heading back home. As I enter my car I know my house is already preparing for my arrival, pre-heating the oven as I want to cook something nice tonight. I’m thinking of what series I’m going to watch, but I know I won’t go to bed late. My sleep tracker taught me I’m recovering much better with early sleep. I used to feel so tired in the morning… Now I actually wake up earlier and it feels much better! Oh, a friend is calling me to grab a drink. I guess my lazy program will have to wait until tomorrow…