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Big Data on Hitachi Data Systems- Accelerate Business Growth

Blog Post created by Gana Chandrasekaran Employee on Feb 3, 2014

Are customers are moving to enlighten age of data?


Customers are reacting actively to the technology, and growing data that are changing our culture, and their business models. “Executives are embracing their move from dark ages of data to enlightened age of data, and  they are counting on “marketing” to search on new sources to create revenue stream, differentiation through more compelling customer engagements, and the bottom line is “marketing” needs to be “data driven”. According to Tera data Data-driven marketing Survey 2013, concludes that 58% of customers conceived “ being an data driven company” have changed to make better decisions. Enterprise customers are adopting some form of Big data solutions because they are seeing an effective, and sustainable data-driven company is an important to their success. According to Garner ‘s data driven marketing Survey 2013”, “ Forty-two percent of marketing data comes from external sources, including social networks, which points to the growing influence of relationships in marketing”. These marketing insights needs to be driven from structured and unstructured data sources. 

Customers need understand their requirements earlier “They don’t know what they don't know until customer try to fish for new opportunities”


Customers are successful in implementing Big data strategy because they are starting “small”, and that gives flexibility to change their use cases easily when they encounter any challenges. Customers are seeing early success to the projects because use cases are easily adoptable but some projects are long waited because there are no deadlines or perfect use cases established. The next challenge comes from silos of data sources. Many of the customers have 10 sources of data they want to integrate from structured and unstructured sources coming from their own database transactions and external sources. Every customers hosted unique applications, and they need to work with us on integrating their diverse sources into Big data appliance. The next challenge comes from the lack of data scientists who could have skills sets to run predictive modeling, statistics, and the management of big data sets specific to customer’s home grown applications. To Summarize, the following challenges have been practically considered as challenges when customers want to adapt big data solutions




How to transform Big data solutions into a real implementation?


Apache Hadoop is 100% open source, and fundamentally new process of storing and processing data. Hadoop enables distributed parallel processing of enormous amount of data that it can store and process in an inexpensive hardware mostly rack server based solutions which is typically recommended Hadoop distributed vendors such as Cloudera. Customers choose preferably some form of redundant storage and server based solutions that can withstand the failures of servers or cluster of servers. In another aspect to this fact, Enterprise customers want to be small as something closer to 100 nodes in initial stage so failures would have an performance impact to the data accessibility and recovering from these failures. Hadoop can handle any types of data from different systems such as structured, unstructured, log files, pictures, videos, communication records, and emails. Hadoop can take data from any formats and store it under “Single Appliance” can be queried for real time interactive sessions, business intelligence, analysis, and visualization. We can help any customer to understand their workloads, and nature of data source, and design the platform that can store, process, and analyzing customer’s data


Why Hitachi is Preferred solutions in Big Data Space?


Simplified Integration of Hitachi Solutions- Big data applications are getting generated from different sources. Hitachi can easily, and evidently integrate the new big data architectures into customers’  existing traditional data sets.


Hitachi Converged Solutions - Hitachi integrates compute, storage, network, visualization layer, and provides unified management layer under single pane of glass. The comprehensive management solutions provides end to end servers, storage, networking visibility, and also reduces big time in implementing these virtual machines.


Simplifying Server Management- Hitachi UCP Director is an template-based management comprehensive management system that helps VMware/System administrators set a various range of server configuration policies, from firmware, and BIOS settings to network and storage connectivity. Individual servers can be deployed in with few clicks without zoning and storage provisioning operations . Automation frees staff from tedious, repetitive, time-consuming chores that are often the source of errors that cause downtime. This makes the entire virtual data center more cost effective


Mixed Workloads-The same Big Data Appliance can serve both traditional databases and big data solutions, and can be managed from a VMware management framework.


Data management-Big data environments are pushing the performance limits of business processing solutions. With Hitachi Big data Appliance provides various workload automation that facilitates the flow of data between a wide variety of applications like Hadoop, cutting costs, and increasing the value realized from big data.


Data Protection- Hadoop framework maintain number of copies of chunks across servers to protect from the failures of servers. In addition, Hitachi-Big data appliance provides additional fail over functionality to recover from the failures with minimal or no downtime. These two feature complements in customers scenario and increasing the data availability