Gana Chandrasekaran

Leveraging Machine Data into Meaningful Insights

Blog Post created by Gana Chandrasekaran Employee on Jul 10, 2014

Big Data Driven World


     In an increasingly technology world, every single interactions that human, machines, and internet of things involved are electronically recorded, such as every purchase, tweets about   anyone likes or accepting a friend request in Facebook. As a results, organizations are struggling to process mass of terabytes or Exabyte’s of data, and also the challenge is how to make it relevant to the decision making. Customers are looking for sophisticated hardware and software to store the efficiently to mine, and analyze the data.


Leveraging Machine Data into Meaningful Insights

            IT organizations spend lots of money on tools to monitor, automate, and analyze IT operations, but these are static solutions and cannot be used for data analysis. Machine generated data from the devices in the data center can give meaningful insights about the performance, availability, user behavior, and security threats. Hitachi can analyze the data, and deliver both business, and operational intelligence from IT data in real time. The core benefits of Hitachi Big Data solutions improve user satisfaction, improve operational efficiencies, and help customers to grow the business



Improve Customer’s Experiences


            HDS Data solutions improves troubleshooting time in minutes, and helps to investigate and identify the cause analysis of the problem. For example, if there are any security attack in the data center or with the customer data, the solutions can easily predict the vulnerable attack and respond to the situations. Reduce mean time between failures (MTBF) by proactively addressing issues with real-time alerts. The real time dashboards, share data, and enabling the local support team to respond quickly are the fundamental values of the solutions.


Increase Operational Efficiencies


            Use HDS solutions, and analytics capabilities to trend and analyze IT key performance indicators. Monitor and troubleshoot to meet Service Level Agreement, and user preferences are the core problems of IT data center. HDS solutions allow to plan for future capacity based on end-to-end visibility of asset management, capacity allocations, and resource consumptions. HDS solutions will help to correlate the real time data with respect to the past historical records


Increase the Revenue: Business Growth


            Using HDS solutions, understand the usage trends across geographical, and learn user's behaviors regionally as heaviest activity or routine or even no activity. HDS solutions help to track web based activity online and identify the busiest users across different part of the world. It helps to create key performance indicators to align with business objectives to the critical operational insights.



Why HDS Solutions

  • HDS for Big Data solutions provides comprehensive management insights into multiple technology areas and that helps to drive various use cases.
  • Customer can utilize their existing HDS assets so their investments will be reduced
  • Proactively recognize and remediation service problems to ensure end-user satisfaction and increase customer’s adoption
  • Gain improvement in operational processes by gaining end-to-end insights critical to the business
  • Help drive business outcomes and goals with holistic visibility across heterogeneous technologies, and various IT services for charge-back, change management, capacity planning, user/usage analytics and more
  • Deliver as OPEX model solutions as analytics as service delivery model
  • Provides real time alerts based on automatic trigger, and enables customizable actions when trigger is executed