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Big Video: Making Us Safer and Smarter

Blog Post created by Greg Knieriemen Employee on Sep 12, 2016

Video has always played a critical role in supporting physical security. Beyond its traditional use in property surveillance, video is now being used to support a variety of new applications, such as improving traffic congestion, streamlining transportation systems, and increasing workplace safety, as well as industrial and operational efficiencies. This is driving an ever-increasing number of cameras and video-monitoring installations in almost every sector, and with it comes a flood of video data—or what we at Hitachi like to refer to as “Big Video.”


Much like Big Data, Big Video requires that large amounts of video data be accessible and usable for real time analysis, and capable of supporting regulatory compliance. This resilient storage, fast data recall and strong security with little-to-no video degradation. This is a market that is being flipped over as legacy video technologies (think CCTV or analog video) and management platforms simply aren’t capable of supporting digitalization, the internet of things (IoT),  or advanced analytics.


In today’s “everything connected” world, the challenges of legacy video technologies are obvious.  These technologies frequently result in low resolution or degraded video files—and in extreme cases, data loss. Some security directors have reported video data losses as high as 20% or more. Imagine what that means when video is primary evidence in a crime or attack, when offenders need to be identified and apprehended swiftly and accurately. If traditional IP video is running on the same network as other types of data, this can cause serious issues when a video stream is needed to provide critical insight and situational awareness to first responders traveling to the scene of an incident.

The cost and resources needed to implement and support video security and monitoring deployments is always a challenge, especially in the case of utilities, financial services and other regulated markets that require reliable, high performance video surveillance systems to support regulatory compliance. Compliance violations can be costly: thousands of dollars per day, or in the millions if a system fails, and these systems are typically expansive deployments involving hundreds if not thousands of cameras that require constant monitoring while demanding high levels of storage reliability and performance.



Source: IHS:

To address these challenges and help customers future-proof their security environments to support digital technologies and analytics, Hitachi is introducing new configurations of its Video Management Platform (VMP). Hitachi VMP combines virtualized compute, flash storage and other digital and IoT-optimized technologies in a fully preconfigured, turnkey appliance designed specifically for large enterprise video monitoring deployments. 

By storing video data separately from other data, using a dedicated network, and built-in redundant back up, Hitachi’s VMP assures that video files are available – because lost video isn’t just lost data, it’s lost evidence. Evidence that can be used for resolution to real crimes in the world. One customer recently stated that Hitachi’s VMP “blew the existing system out of the water.” Enough said.


Big Video Represents a Big Opportunity
To address the torrents of ‘big video’ data being generated in the private sector, Hitachi is teaming with technology alliance partners Milestone, ONSSI and others to aggressively move into the video security and monitoring market—what we estimate to be a $6 billion USD global market opportunity, according to recent market sizing estimates from industry research firm IHS.


*Source: IHS:


Video security and monitoring systems are helping organizations as diverse as cities, universities, utilities, banks, transportation agencies, industrial operations, retail, and casinos ensure safety for people and property, and the demand for these systems is growing fast.  In a recent survey by research firm IHS, 71% of video surveillance managers said they planned to increase spending on video surveillance in 2016. The same survey found that 54% intended to increase spending on video storage.


Spending is Strong for Video Surveillance in 2016



Hitachi VMP utilizes virtualization to support scale-up video storage, so as the need for storage increases, virtual machines can be added, reducing the need for increased datacenter footprint, energy consumption, and keeping the cost of growth low as deployment size grows. This means security departments can increase camera coverage and storage at a significantly lower cost than traditional systems.


Overall, this is a big move for Hitachi. We will continue to focus on serving government and law enforcement customers with our public safety offerings, Hitachi Visualization Suite and Hitachi Visualization Platform. In addition, now the combination of the powerful and next-generation technologies in Hitachi VMP together with leading video management system (VMS) software from industry veterans like Milestone and ONSSI will allow us to deliver an unmatched end-to-end video surveillance solution to both private and public customers in the North American, European, and Asia-Pacific markets, helping to improve the safety and security of people and properties, wherever they are around the world.


The Big Picture

Hitachi VMP is optimized to support next generation digital technologies and IoT, to future-proof customer security environments and ensure security, IT, and operations teams have the tools they need to keep their employees, customers, property and assets safe and secure now and in the future, while improving their operations and increasing efficiencies. Providing fast performance, scalable storage our customers can grow on (up to 16 petabytes), and data security in a fully integrated, plug-and-play appliance, Hitachi VMP is a best in class video security and monitoring solution that helps to reduce the costs of growth.

The scalable nature of Hitachi VMP makes it well suited for large, complex installations, like airports, university campuses, large retail environments, where hundreds to thousands of cameras are used to monitor suspicious behavior and capture evidence to support workplace and public safety, as well as criminal prosecution. Working with our alliance partners Milestone and OnSSI—two of the top technology providers in the security industry—and our world-class channel partners around the globe, we’re already supporting deployments across the public and private sectors, where security departments use video monitoring together with leading edge technologies, such as image processing, crowd counting, and facial recognition to keep people and property safe every day, and gain insights to improve their operations.

We’re proud to be delivering on the promise of Big Video to help keep people and property safe, while making another strong play in an IoT-related market that truly matters.


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