Greg Knieriemen

25 Ways Hitachi Content Intelligence Drives Real Business Value

Blog Post created by Greg Knieriemen Employee on Nov 28, 2016

When talking about emerging technologies, one of the recurring concerns I've heard from businesses is about content and data management. Specifically, many organizations don’t know or have insight into what content they have and how to leverage it to drive business value. Leveraging this data is probably the most basic element of any businesses Digital Transformation strategy. It all starts here.


We’ve been working on this challenge and we recently announced the industry’s first and only object storage portfolio with content intelligence capabilities called “Hitachi Content Intelligence”. The new intelligence solution rounds out our Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) portfolio, which already offers a seamlessly integrated cloud-file gateway and enterprise file sync and sharing, and continues to improves organizations’ ability to strategically manage data. With over 1,700 businesses using HCP, it’s become the gold-standard for object storage.



The system is wildly simple and essentially connects to and aggregates structured and unstructured data across diverse silos and locations. The solution has flexible deployment options whether it’s physical, virtual, or hosted in a public or private cloud.


Content Intelligence also includes extensibility with drag-and-drop functionality, published application programming interfaces that support customized data connections, transformation stages and a software developer kit (SDK) if you prefer to build your own intelligence application.


Simple and flexible. It also has endless use cases.


The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration uses HCP and Hitachi Content Intelligence to store, preserve and access their largest and most prominent electronic records collections to include emails, photos, documents and dozens of source applications that have been converted to open formats. HCIPOP.jpg


Rabobank, which serves more than 10 million customers in 47 countries, uses Hitachi Content Intelligence as part of their global compliance monitoring, discovery, and intervention architecture.


But the use cases don’t end there. Here are a sample of 25 more use cases across a variety of vertical industries:



  1. Respond to information requests as relevant files are found and packaged quickly.
  2. Conduct complete investigations of electronic communication data across email, text messages and instant message systems rapidly.
  3. Keyword search across billions of government records from various sources simultaneously.
  4. Prevent the sharing of all classified electronic data via any communication system.


Regulatory Compliance

  1. Verify data that crosses international boundaries complies with trade regulations and requirements.
  2. Simplify and preserve the sensitivity of early case assessments through the independent access and search of organizational data.
  3. Prevent content modification or deletion with retention policies after an early case assessment.


Legal Firms

  1. Access facts in a case and pull vital details out of every related document available.
  2. Locate all intellectual property documents related to new products, patent and trademark activities.


Financial Services

  1. Empower your customers to access your research and analysis online, and search through different sources to help them make better decisions.
  2. Deliver your clients immediate access to their entire history of financial records, even if another financial service firm produced them.
  3. Locate all payment card industry-specific information from documents and records, and ensure it is properly secured.


Healthcare and Insurance

  1. Find, isolate and remove protected health information from sharable content.
  2. Analyze content from anywhere to uncover possible fraud before claims are processed.
  3. Transform data to share between electronic medical record systems.
  4. Identify trends and root causes based on a patient’s complete medical history.
  5. Provide access to a patient’s complete medical history (dental, optometric and pharmaceutical records).



  1. Locate all customer information to remove any personally identi able information.
  2. Mine customer purchase data to identify purchase trends and consumption habits.



  1. Respond faster to customer support and trouble-shooting calls with access to relevant data.
  2. Mitigate risk with the enforcement of selective censorship and redaction of information in content before it is shared.


Accounting Services

  1. Catalog and index invoices that contribute to excess spending, and direct them to the appropriate business unit for further review.
  2. Proactively identify all content that is fraudulent or causes concern during an audit.


Publishing and Media

  1. Locate all personal information and destroy it to enforce the right to be forgotten.
  2. Increase compliance and data quality to ensure all content is easily locatable and auditable.


And this is just the beginning of what Hitachi Content Intelligence can do. We’ll continue to publish use cases and share applications and best practices developed by users.


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