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Data never stops: Why data is now your most valuable asset

Blog Post created by Geoffrey Marsh Employee on Jan 3, 2018

There was a time when data was just the side effect of an application. Today there’s a growing realization that it’s actually the foundational element in digital transformation and should be central to modern IT implementation plans.


Because while applications and infrastructure have limited lives, data simply grows in value. Enterprises are learning that significant, actionable business insights can be found in their data (most often at the edge). The key to transformation is knowing how to manage, govern, mobilize and analyze it for business benefit.


With a career in enterprise information management, I’m struck by the maturity of data’s purpose within IT, as organizations embrace digital transformation.


To illustrate this in more practical detail, I’ve written three more blogs around three key trends:


Meta analytics – with examples showing the critical role of meta data and IoT to make informed business decisions. Data driven decision making.


Application longevity – the trend for replacing apps and the importance of maintaining the real asset: data. The need to evolve, but data is gold.


Linear non-linear – the danger of sticking to a linear focus and an example of how stretching the rules of play really pays off. Embracing the new data world.


When we put this all together, what’s the reoccurring theme? Data services are an integral part of any truly successful organization. Most organizations don’t fit into this bucket at the moment, however it’s not a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’.


Every organization needs to evolve constantly before they are pushed out of the race. Here are my three recommendations to assist with this journey.


  1. Adopt a data-driven decision making process and do not accept ‘that is just how we have always done it’ as a justification for a business process. Data never stops.
  2. Don’t be married to the application, but rather the data.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Change will make things uneasy, but technology will leapfrog technology. Organizations that embrace that notion will jump with it.
    Embrace the new data services world



  This is part 1 of 4 of my Data Never Stops blog series to be released. Stay tuned every two weeks a new blog will be released.