Geoffrey Marsh

Data never stops: Don’t marry your apps, but love your data.

Blog Post created by Geoffrey Marsh Employee on Feb 6, 2018

Applications have an end life. In the recent past, it could be 7-10 years or possibly even longer in the mainframe era (or simply because it was too expensive to replace). The new non-functional requirement trend however, is replaceability.

If the application doesn’t work for the business, don’t invest millions and years in ERP. Just delete the app and install a new one. It’s the mobile model.


But those applications create the real asset: business data. How do we make sure that asset is available to the new application set, or available for different purposes?  


I get annoyed if a company I am doing business with doesn’t have an app I can interact with instead of a human. Financial services are a perfect example. I cannot remember the last time I was in a branch to complete a financial transaction. I want to do it on my smartphone, and if I can’t it will play greatly on how much I do business with you.


But is everyone like me? And, have I always been that way? No. When I started in analytics/IT the company I was working for had a few centralized applications: a customer system, financial system and a provisioning system.


Over the course of the 10 years we replaced every one of those systems multiple times and added many new applications. But the data warehouse was housing information from applications that had been decommissioned years ago. This data was critical for some of the predictive work that my team was doing.


Today, customers demand faster and smarter interactions, that generate new kinds of valuable insight. You need to evolve, and data is the engine of successful transformation.


So, don’t be married to your applications. It’s time to fall in love with data.




  This is part 3 of 4 of my Data Never Stops blog series.