Geoffrey Marsh

Data never stops: Embrace the new data services world

Blog Post created by Geoffrey Marsh Employee on Feb 19, 2018

Organizations need to reinvent themselves to compete with digital disrupters. This is the digital transformation strategy. Many organizations are just stuck in everyday business operations and keep moving with a linear focus. But technology progresses in leaps and bounds. 


I remember meeting with a client that looked me in the face and said, “I think this Hadoop thing is a science experiment and will never be accepted as part of an enterprise architecture.”


I replied with, “This is your opportunity to get ahead of your competitors. This unlocks whole new level for innovation.”


Sure enough, about 6 months later his biggest competitors started eating their revenue lunch.


The moral of the story is that technology should enable you to think outside the box and stretch the rules of play. I have said it numerous times, when a stakeholder came to me and asked for something that seemed outrageous. With technology we can make it happen.


It may take some time or money to figure out, but if there is a need it will get figured out by someone.


  This is part 4 of 4 of my Data Never Stops blog series.