Geoffrey Marsh

It's a New World!

Blog Post created by Geoffrey Marsh Employee on Jul 14, 2018

A couple of years ago I moved to Hitachi because I believed they were doing some exciting things in the way of digital transformation and I really wanted to be part of it. My role was to meet with the biggest customers and work through the biggest problems and help with the biggest solutions. I wasn’t wrong, over the past couple years I have met with some of the highest-level executives in some of the biggest organizations in the world with some of the most interesting business problems. What could be better right? A new and interesting challenge almost daily.


So why do you care about this? Because Hitachi is changing the game. There are a multitude of vendors out there that are happy to sell you a rack or a bunch of software and simply just take the PO and the money and call it a day but what fun is that? These items should be a piece of an overall solution that solves business problems not just a purchase.

When I meet with these executives the conversation isn’t “Geoff sell me another analytics tool I don’t have enough” it is more like “Geoff, we need to get our customer churn under control as we are losing more customers to our competition and we need to understand why”. These types of problems cannot be solved by just installing something.


Hitachi has hired some of the best in product development like Brad Surak Brad Surak our head of product and invested in deep vertical expertise with people like Shawn Rosemarin Shawn Rosemarin and Paul Lewis’s Paul Lewis teams.


That coupled with our over 100 years in OT and over 50 in IT has really enabled us to create some ground-breaking solutions based on what problems are really facing industry. In future blogs I will outline in more detail some of these solutions, but they include new ways of working in wealth management with machine learning, more accurate radio logical diagnosis for healthcare, real time network monitoring for telco, safer play and workplaces, and the list goes on.


Having these conversations and building real solutions to these complex problems that are facing our customers is why I get up excited to go work that day. I can see every day how what I am doing is not just impacting myself and my organization but our customers as well.


Hitachi is no longer just a vendor. Hitachi is the partner to enable you to digitally transform and gain ground on your competition.  Our CEO Brian Householder said it best at our conference last year, “it is a great time, we now have the opportunity to shape the future”. That is what we are doing at Hitachi, not just for us but for organizations around the world. The Hitachi slogan still holds incredibly true to this day – Hitachi – Inspire the Next!


Stay tuned for future blogs detailing some of these exciting solutions!