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Hitachi Vantara Virtual Rack Configurator

Blog Post created by Ian Clatworthy Employee on Apr 10, 2019

Use Hitachi Virtual Rack Configurator to build and visualize your solutions and delivering quick links to data sheets and stats. Click below to access the virtual rack on your device:


Web Browser: https://rackconfiguration.hitachivantara.com


Apple iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/hitachi-vantara-virtual-rack/id1456786062?mt=8


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hitachivantara.virtualrack


What is the Virtual Rack?


At our NEXT 2018 event myself and my fellow Product Marketing colleagues had been working on how we could showcase every Virtual Storage Platform and Unified Compute Platform solutions to our customers and sales teams during the event. I love a good poke around technology as much as the next techie, but sometimes it’s just not possible to have your own lorry full of storage arrays… (boo)!


So the initial vision for the Virtual Rack was to allow our customers to build out a rack on the showcase floor with the solutions they are interested in. We took a 70-inch touch screen display, rotated it 90 degrees to portrait orientation and showed a 1:1 ratio of Hitachi Vantara products in a rack. Literally, a 'virtual rack.'


As we started on this journey, we could see the value that customers found by actually seeing what they are investing in. Sometimes you just want to know what your investment is going to look like. Our customers are serious and educated buyers, they need and want more than just pretty pictures which is why we provide quick and easy access to the more detailed technical specifications for the products via a click or QR code.


Virtual Rack for iOS and Android


After managing the project for 8 months, we have seen more and more engagement with the virtual rack from events to our sales teams in the field and our customers. We wanted to make access even faster and simpler then aver before. So with that the Virtual Rack is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app is available in English and also Mandarin, the application will auto sense if your handset is in mandarin and will switch over.


How to use the Virtual Rack Application


When you open the virtual rack from the links at the beginning of this blog you are greeted with a list of our all flash VSP solutions. But across the top bar you can see a list of our solutions:


All Flash, NVMe, Hybrid Flash, Hyperconverged, Rack-Scale, Converged and Supporting Hardware


If you click on any of these items and scroll down you can find out what our offerings are in these spaces.


1 product view.png


As you can see from the product page each item has quick stats below them, so for the F350 the unit is 2U, can hold 1.4PB of capacity and will push 500K IOPS. There is also a QR code to learn more that you can also click on. When you do the data-sheet for the solution pops up;


2 datasheet.png


Also on the product page under the product name you have the option to remove the bezels of the solution and also review the rear for cabling and expansion options;


3 bezel.png

4 rear.png


Once you have decided what items you would like to add into a rack you can click the + icon at the top right of the solution. This then adds the items into the rack view, click at the top right to see your solutions in the rack. Once in there you have the option to drag the components around into the locations you would be expecting in your datacenter.


5 rack view.png


Again you have the option to review the solution without bezels and also from the rear to aid with cabling design. What is exciting is in rack view the option to find out what software is included with the solutions in the rack, when you click on “Software” all packages associated with the hardware are displayed and you also have the option to view the datasheet for more information.


6 software.png


Now this is all well and good but you do not want to have to configure you solution every time you use the virtual rack, so we have configured a save option at the top right so you can save your solution either by QR code or via email.

7 save.png


If you have any feedback it would be appreciated – this can be sent from the Chatbot in the virtual rack. On the left side of the screen you will see Emiew our Hitachi intelligent robot, if you click on her icon a live chat window will pop up so you can interact with Hitachi Vantara on your configuration and also give us feedback on the solution.


8 chat.png

9 info.png


Keep moving forward!