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Know your HDI+HCP competition: EMC Data Domain Virtual Edition for Remote Offices

Blog Post created by Jim Ash Employee on Aug 15, 2016

EMC is making a push for ROBO use cases with its DDVE product and will become more of a competitor to HDI+HCP (Object NAS use case).

View the DDVE product video to learn more about how it is positioned for ROBO environments.

Our HDI+HCP solution offers a better approach to solving ROBO data protection problems by eliminating backup all together. Our HDI solution simplifies the entire technology stack, by combining the NAS filer, backup software, replication service in to one product.

With DDVE, customers still need to maintain silo'd NAS filers at the edge (like NTAP or WFS) and then back them using DDVE to a centralized DD appliance. A lot of moving parts!



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