Jim Ash

Capturing Business Documents & Content with HCP

Blog Post created by Jim Ash Employee on Aug 22, 2016

It is a little known fact that Hitachi Data Systems resells two great scanning/capturing/indexing software products from our partner StarStorage (we also sell and deploy their Documentum Connector for HCP).

There are two products that we can sell to our customers looking for scanning/capturing/indexing capabilities.

  • StarStorage SEAL – this is a true Document Management Archive system that our customers can use to categorize their content, manage retention and provide search and mobile access to their data, all while storing the content securely on HCP. Think of it as an electronic filing cabinet for the entire company.

  • StarCapture Desktop – this solution allows individual workers to scan/index and store (on HCP) their business related documents for long term preservation, without being part of a larger Document Management system. Think of it as an individual’s personal electronic filing cabinet.


Oh, and look, they are in to Digital Transformation too!


Jim Ash @9XJim
Hitachi Data Systems