Jim Ash

Digital Transformation is great but, don't forget to ask your customer what they need right now!

Blog Post created by Jim Ash Employee on Sep 16, 2016

My colleague and I visited a customer today and had a great test drive in the $140,000 Model X! Super cool car, if you can even classify it as a car. I think of it more as an extremely sophisticated piece of technology that you happen to be able to ride in and go places.

We were actually we there to present present our Content Portfolio and how it can be used to Digitally Transform their business. As you can imagine, this customer has no shortage of sensor data, video files, logs, etc., that is exponentially growing. And we discussed ways that we could help them use all that data to better their business, and that is all good, but what they really need TODAY is three, secure copies of every file.

Providing multiple copies of files is pretty basic for our Content Portfolio Solutions, but we may have never known that if we only focused on Digital Transformation scenarios.

So don't forget the basics of the solution while Digitally Transforming your customers!