Jeff James

Modernizing IT Infrastructure for Business-Critical Applications

Blog Post created by Jeff James Employee on Nov 16, 2018

Note: This is a guest blog post by Geoff Woollacott, Data Center Practice Manager at Technology Business Research, Inc.


It’s not news that digital transformation is creating buzz around early adoption of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, machine learning and cognitive computing. With the adoption of these technologies, IT is finding that modern workloads are placing new requirements on data center infrastructure. These modern workloads are generating massive amounts of data, leveraging innovations around automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and database management systems (e.g., in-memory databases) that traditional data center hardware architectures were not designed to support. Meeting requirements for greater levels of availability, agility and scalability is paramount, as today’s data is more critical to businesses as they seek to efficiently turn data into insights that drive more predictable business outcomes.  

This is becoming increasingly more evident, as TBR research indicates that IT organizations are not only seeking alternative architectures to consolidate their data center infrastructure but also migrating more critical workloads, such as database management systems, analytics and virtual desktop infrastructures, onto consolidated architectures, such as converged infrastructure (CI). IT is pursuing architectures that leverage automation and intelligence and can drive increased efficiencies and innovation. Additionally, the ability of architectures to seamlessly scale to handle legacy and modern workloads, as well as to provide the service levels required for these distinct workloads, is rising in importance. 

Hitachi Vantara UCP CI is a converged platform that delivers the high availability, resiliency and scalability required for traditional and modern workloads. UCP CI provides a solid storage foundation that is based on Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform, as well as centralized intelligent management via Hitachi UCP Advisor.

Hitachi Vantara’s UCP CI solutions are well equipped to work alongside AI technology, enabling AI and automation to be applied to tasks such as IT management. These capabilities, and more specifically UCP Advisor and Automation Director, in turn improve efficiency and reduce the volume of redundant tasks placed on IT professionals, freeing up their time to focus on more impactful tasks. Further, because Hitachi Vantara factory builds its own converged systems based on tested reference architectures, these systems are not only well equipped to handle higher-demand use cases such as AI and automation but also well suited to handle business-critical workloads.


Learn how Hitachi Vantara’s UCP CI is the ideal platform for modernizing your infrastructure to support business-critical applications. For more information, please view the UCP CI infographic to see how Hitachi Vantara can help you modernize your data center.