Jeff James

Why Scale-Up and Scale-Out Capabilities are Essential for Digital Transformation 

Blog Post created by Jeff James Employee on Nov 16, 2018

Note: This is a guest blog post by Geoff Woollacott, Data Center Practice Manager at Technology Business Research, Inc.


The increased adoption of data-intensive workloads is encouraging the adoption of more advanced analytics and database management systems, as customers turn to new methods such as predictive and prescriptive analytics, data visualization, and in-memory (SAP HANA and Oracle In-Memory) database management systems to handle the massive amounts of data generated by modern workloads. With the emerging requirements being placed on IT as well as the additional strain placed on storage infrastructure, IT organizations are facing increased pressures around budget, resources and efficiency to accomplish their goals. Data not only needs to be stored, but its value has increased as companies seek to mine and analyze data and draw specific insights from it to drive greater business outcomes.  As such, data center architectures that can seamlessly scale and support these rapid changes are imperative. 

Traditional, stand-alone data center hardware architectures were not designed to accommodate the increasing demands of modern data-intensive workloads. Their rigid design resulted in complexities that hindered scaling and reduced the efficiencies of data centers, as well as created storage silos, which also increased overall cost. Hitachi Vantara’s UCP CI provides the enterprise capabilities required for in-memory database systems such as SAP HANA.

While the majority of converged infrastructure (CI) vendors have the capacity to scale out their infrastructure, few have the capacity to scale both out and up. To scale up, CI platforms must have enough foresight to accommodate additional provisioning of compute and data to allow for rapid growth in line with applications, while also being able to scale relatively seamlessly. Hitachi Vantara is one such vendor that has the ability to do both with its CI solutions. Hitachi Vantara’s UCP CI is a preconfigured, pretested CI solution that provides independent scaling of compute, storage and networking to support initial installments to massive scale. The UCP CI platform provides the seamless scaling required to address specific workload requirements for memory and CPU.


Learn how Hitachi Vantara’s UCP CI is the ideal platform for modernizing your infrastructure to support business-critical applications. For more information, please view the UCP CI infographic to see how Hitachi Vantara can help you modernize your data center.