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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Transform IT Operations

Blog Post created by Jeff James Employee on Apr 1, 2019

IT departments today are often tasked with meeting a variety of ever-changing needs and pressures on their businesses. Corporate data must be provided to stakeholders quickly and without interruption, all while keeping it secure and compliant. Factor in a number of siloed IT platforms and solutions along with other tasks and functions related to managing and maintaining compute, storage, and networking resources, and you have a recipe for an IT management headache.


One specific pain point deals with the data an organization collects about their IT infrastructure as it generates thousands of IT events – including statistics about what is happening with virtual machines, network usage, and a plethora of other infrastructure resources – which can all be difficult (and time-consuming) to manually process.


To help relieve some of that burden, some organizations are beginning to take advantage of the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can offer when it comes to automating and correlating the analysis of all this IT telemetry data.


That’s the focus of a new white paper from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) entitled Transforming IT Operations to Enable Better Business Outcomes. In this paper, ESG Senior Storage Analyst Mike Leone (@MikeLeone_IT) and Leah Matuson, ESG Research Analyst, take a look at how these emerging technologies can help over-burdened IT staff streamline and optimize IT operations.


Here’s an excerpt from the paper that discusses Hitachi Vantara’s approach to AI within IT operations:


Hitachi Vantara’s new AI operations strategy is built upon three concepts: The Brain (Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor, or HIAA); the Engine (Hitachi Automation Director, or HAD); and the Amplifier, which provides a means to integrate other Hitachi and third-party tools. Hitachi Vantara’s integration of its existing Infrastructure Analytics Advisor and Automation Director software now offers the ability to determine dynamic thresholds, analyze and resolve the root cause, automate changes to resolve problems, and use analytics to predict future resource requirements.


In addition to the Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) and Hitachi Automation Director (HAD) software mentioned above, Mike also discusses how Smart Data Center from Hitachi Vantara is a subscription-based solution that takes advantage of Hitachi AI Ops software (and other elements) to “analyze organizational data, predict results, and provide automated resolution across heterogeneous infrastructures.” For more information on the topic, feel free to download and read the ESG white paper in its entirety.


A few of my colleagues at Hitachi Vantara have written extensively about AI and ML as it relates to IT management, so I'd like to mention a few of their articles (and Twitter handles for you to follow) below. Richard Jew (@Richard_Jew) has written about AI Operations for the Modern Data Center, while Stan Stevens (@steamer1905) and Paul Lewis (@PaulLewisCTO) discuss How the evolution of AI and Automation impact IT Operations. Eric Silva (@skiingmadman) has written a post focusing on what's new with our Smart Data Center offering, while CTO Hu Yoshida (@HuYoshida) includes AI and ML in his post about the top 5 IT trends of 2019.


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