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Digital Transformation. Are you a disruptor or disruptee?

Blog Post created by John Meyer Employee on Aug 23, 2016

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"May you live in interesting times."

We do. A day does not go by where you don't read about another new company disrupting an industry, or beginning to, and changing the way we do business.

Airbnb, Tesla Motors, Uber Technologies. The list goes on. You notice Uber has Technologies in its name. Not what you may think when you first think of this fairly new way to get a driver. It seem that to be successful these days every company is a technology company. One of my favorites is Domino's Pizza. A technology company that just happens to deliver pizza.

What do all these companies have in common? Data. Big Data, Data Lakes, Fast Data. More important than the data is how they are using this data through extremely smart Data Analytics.

Digital Transformation comes from every line of business in the company these days. The CEO and C-Suite are continually searching for ways to innovate faster than the competition, increase revenue though existing business assets and new ideas, as well as manage risk and maintain their reputation.

The disruptors know how to leverage the teams ideas in their company and use data brilliantly. MIT's Center for Digital Business maps digital transformation initiatives to 3 primary outcomes: Rethinking operations and processes, improve the customer experience, and create new business models.

Data has become the focal point business and IT use to analyze and review insights that can make their company more successful. And nobody knows Data like Hitachi Data Systems. It is literally our middle name! (Full disclosure, I'm an HDS employee).  I was impressed to learn recently that Hitachi has more big data and analytics patents than any other company in the world. You can learn about the companies we are helping become more successful here.

Our team is helping companies with their Data Strategy for Digital Transformation with Data Management, Data Governance, Data Mobility, and Data Analytics. Our CTO Paul Lewis explains it best in his recent blog "Digital Transformation: Creating Magic in Customer Engagement".

Let us know if we can help. We are co-sponsoring a 10 city seminar series in North America that focuses on digital transformation. "Data Center Reset" with TechTarget. You can join the team at one of the cities listed here.

Good luck with your digital transformation.

We do indeed live in interesting times.

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