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The Velocity of Social Innovation - January 2016

Blog Post created by Keith Roscarel Employee on Feb 3, 2016

Throughout Asia, whenever I visit a new organisation, one of the first actions is the customary swapping of business cards. At this stage, I'm invariably asked,

'What is Social Innovation and why Now for Hitachi?'

Here is a small sample of patents granted to Hitachi this month in the United States. As I click through the URL for each item, note the dates as many of  these patents are years in development.

IOT and Measurement related

9,228,973 Gas sensor

9,229,025 Inertial sensor

9,229,114 Radiation analyzer and method for analyzing radiation

Driverless Capability

9,240,124 Traffic-volume prediction device and method

9,229,450 Autonomous movement system

Big Data

9,247,025 Method and device for guaranteeing performance in stream data processing

Video Analytics

9,247,252 Image decoding device

9,241,684 Ultrasonic diagnosis arrangements for comparing same time phase images of a periodically moving target

9,235,895 Method for estimating direction of person standing still

Electric Car

9,247,675 Power converter

9,236,818 Drive device and drive method for brushless motor

9,236,590 Electric storage module and electric storage device

Power Generation and  Battery

9,246,408 Power conversion apparatus

9,231,441 Wind power generation system, device using wind power generation system, and method for operating same

Why now?? These examples of Social Innovation have been with us for some time but are only just starting to become 'news' today. I look forward to February...