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Wide-Scale Video and IOT Integration

Blog Post created by Keith Roscarel Employee on Jun 13, 2018

The Hitachi Visualisation Suite (HVS) Enables Video Aggregation at a mass scale.

HVS - High Level.png



Essentially, the solution includes the following components:

  • Video Gateways are installed at multiple Public and Private organisations. These  can connect to most contemporary Video Management Systems (we are constantly expanding our connectors)
  • Video Streams are placed Geospatially on HVS map view. These can be securely sourced from any of the Video Gateways added to the HVS tenet.
  • Video is routed to either public cloud or private cloud point (HVS Server Solution). Network connectivity is IP based and can vary from LTE to fibre channel
  • Hitachi Visualisation Suite is web-based; and provides a secure geospatial view of all combined video streams. Multiple video walls can also be created.
  • Other objects and events can be added via API such as CAD, crime histories and other classes of incidents



HVS screen.png


Standard Hitachi Visualisation View


HVS camera place.png


Video Access on Hitachi Visualisation Suite – Cameras are sources from multiple Video Management Systems



HVS video wall.png


Example Video Wall created showing assets from multiple Video Gateways.


Here are some Production Examples


Andhra Pradesh (AP) Real-Time Governance Solution

The ‘Real-Time Governance’ solution Leverages multiple components

  • Hitachi Visualisation Suite - combines of over 17,000 surveillance cameras, video analytics, crime analytics, and Social Media information
  • Data Analysis – Incorporates multiple sensor classes to monitor weather, lighting, in-soil moisture saturation and more
  • Situation Awareness for Disaster Relief – monitoring weather and flood scenarios, and early warning system for AP’s 53 million citizens



New York Water Ways

Situational Awareness is provided for the wharfs, vessels and routes of the NY Waterways transport services. This allows Ferry Captains, Security Operations and other First Responders access to a consolidated solution. It includes:

  • Aggregation of onboard ferry, wharf-side and other strategic video assets
  • Real-time telemetry of vessels
  • Cloud-based access to securely enable access for NY Waterways and other Services as required


Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley, California, overcame an increasingly common challenge: protecting its community on a shrinking budget with the strategic use of technology. The system incorporates public and private entities’ video assets to provide a consolidated view of the city. This allows for enhance public safety, traffic monitoring and overall situational awareness.