Katherine Runyan

Community's 1st Anniversary

Blog Post created by Katherine Runyan Employee on Jun 13, 2014

The SSP-Community has been building out over the past year, starting from scratch. It’s exciting to see Space after Space being populated, and to get a feeling how it will be in the future.


I belong to Long Distance Running Communities. It’s fascinating how Communities allow people with a common interest to interact and contribute to each other’s passion. Where else can one learn about the 100 Marathons Club, the 50 States Marathon Club, and the 7 Marathons / 7 Days / 7 Continents? Then follow along on their journey, as your friends accomplish each of these feats.


The SSP-Community will be much more, as time progresses, as both a social interaction site and a technical content / interaction site. Problem solving is easier with inputs from many vs. trying to figure things out alone. Together, people can solve problems faster and come to more elegant solutions. It’s an exciting time with technology bringing us closer together.


Happy Anniversary Community!