Lauren Klein

Innovation Challenges.  Fun or Not?

Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Nov 19, 2015


Innovative thinking. When was the last time you sat with a bunch of high school students 15 and above?  How do they interact?  How do they share?  How do they communicate?  How do they learn?  More importantly, how can we peak their interest in solving community based problems?


Personally, I’m observing pervasive interactivity with students to solve problems that tie into their day to day lives.  Whether they have a need to help their elderly grandfather to increase his quality of life for his day to day life or like my daughter who is seeking out solutions to ideate with her peers to solve the overcrowding situation.  A commonality amongst students is that technology, communication and leadership are critical skills which will allow them to solve these problems.  I personally am very inspired by our youth to help lead the way to problem solving and extending technologies in new and practical ways to build smart cities, advocate for new sustainable approaches and most importantly be part of a thoughtful human process that doesn’t see borders or obstacles in the same way their ancestors save them. 


Hitachi has learning labs and teaching tools to inspire STEM education at:  STEAM, which includes the letter ‘A’ for artistic design, stands for:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design and Math is another prevalent topic in the United States.  I personally have enjoyed watching students get engaged with solving community based problems because they were invited into a challenge.  Naturally, there are prizes involved (can't forget the extrinsic rewards).  So, I thought I'd ask what type of open innovation challenges and learning approaches you enjoy? 


You prefer reading content, working in groups? Entering competitions?  Contributing individually or in a team?    Or you simply enjoy testing, breaking and designing models so that you can call it a day and hit the gym?