Lauren Klein

The Culture Club for Energy Tech

Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Dec 15, 2015



The Future has been moving quickly here in Nevada.  Experiencing the power of teams working together to create societal change via culture. In Nevada our municipalities, our citizens, politicians and private sector leaders are working together to co-create the new clean energy solutions.


We are in the midst of exciting new solutions from solar, wind and geothermal farms to companies like Tesla working toward operating a battery factory entirely on clean energy. Infrastructure plans with the Hyperloop test track and Faraday Future’s Car Factory all are engaging with our state in order to lead us into the future.


Fortune described the characteristics describing why Nevada has emerged as an Energy Tech Hub exciting, which are textbook from a leadership manual on culture.  It’s not just a single contributing factor; it’s the people working together toward the future.  


Several years ago I was invited into discussions around the on-going dialogue for our state to share early concepts using these principles in order to connect different personas. From legislators, private sector to industry thought leaders online to continue the in person discussions while fostering new connections, conversation and outcomes.  These early day ethos discussions where we visited concepts for communities of practice, virtual hub for thought leaders and insights sharing are examples of the mindset which are paramount to building out these hubs.


Often overlooked as it’s not as glamorous as tech is the underlying set of norms, values and guiding principles on how work is done.  Our ability to flex, hold healthy debate, pivot quickly and encourage the imaginative process is all paramount to societal change.


As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.