Lauren Klein

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Blog Post created by Lauren Klein Employee on Dec 16, 2015

Connecting People, Content and Information is music to my ears as someone who dedicates her life to facilitating conversations among people, process and technology. 


Which is why when my city started the authentic urban renewal and resurgence conversations for a city whose history was predominantly mining and gambling pivoted to one focused on clean energy and high tech, I got engaged.




So, I thought I’d start to share some of my recent experiences in the #Reno #resurgence ‘problem statement’ discussion inspired me to get engaged with the movement. Nothing quite like a great challenge which stokes my fire.  Not to mention selfless leaders who are discussing smart city experimentation based on the desire for urban responsiveness and cost efficiencies.  Personally, what has been remarkable to experience is the culture of our conversation.  It’s not stoic or stiff, rather positive, future focused and collaborative. 


The Northern Nevada community not only has #Tesla #eBay #Walmart #Apple #Switch #Panasonic busy building  advanced manufacturing centers, #datacenters and #cold storage facilities but more importantly they are working collaboratively with the city to re-design the high-tech infrastructure which is attracting the innovative companies from all over the world.  They are investing in #STEAM education #inNEVation centers and much more to help upgrade the human experience.



Stay tuned as we are creating a use case for a state that is attracting a lot of news and attention: Bloomberg characterizing us as the Silicon Valley Back Office to special legislative session summoned on tax breaks for $215 million in incentives for the Chinese-backed automaker who is a competitor to #Tesla