Lynn McLean

On a mission to solve critical business problems

Blog Post created by Lynn McLean Employee on Feb 13, 2016


    My current role is leading sales for Hitachi’s UCP and Converge Solutions with our Global System Integrator Community.  Yet, I find it’s important to share that I have both a business and technical background.  I have a BS and MS in Computer Science, and in my early career with nine years in the Navy, I led the development of large IT and Weapons Systems Solutions.  As a woman in STEM, I have had an amazing career where I also had the opportunity to lead a large applications development team to solve the complex Y2K challenge.   This is probably why I enjoy the complexity of large projects and the challenge of technical sales, because I deeply understand the term ‘mission critical’?  It reminds me of solving very difficult and complicated puzzles.


     I spend most of my days traveling the globe to work side by side with our Global System Integrator partners addressing their business challenges as if we were solving difficult puzzles together.  Hitachi Data Systems provides a single source for our Converged Solutions that is already tested and architected for business critical applications, such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.  Our superior technology, paired with the Global System Integrators’ application expertise and services capabilities, make the GSI and Hitachi partnership the perfect union. Winning deals and increasing revenue together is the ultimate!!


Now back to puzzles.  I have always enjoyed a challenge.  From competing in basketball, to weekend races in college solving the Rubik’s cube, to running half-marathons, I love the rewarding feeling of achieving a goal, solving a puzzle, or winning a tough competition!