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A year in review with HDS and the Community

Blog Post created by Kamalarajan S on Jun 12, 2014

There are two things that flashes in my mind about HDS is, it's "Uniqueness", then comes "Innovation". HDS is one of the company I admire for its innovative approach in the Tech industry. The way the products are designed shows how deeply the industry needs are analysed before delivering it to the end customer. The first storage that impressed me is the NSC55, which came up with a Diskless Intelligent virtual controller, and I would say its a milestone in the storage industry while others were still pushing the usual commodity arrays.  Another unique feature is the Universal Start Network and in recent days the Hi-Star E Network, Custom build ASIC's that controls the front end and backend processes. Then came the Tiered storage, that helps improve the performance of supersized storage. Tiered Storage helps enterprises consolidate data based on the usage statistics by moving the unused or least used data to the lowest tier or the cheapest disks.


And here comes the new era of virtualization - one of the unique capabilities of VSP and the USP family is to be able to connect and virtualize externally attached storage system, enabled with BOSV. Migration made easy with Universal Volume manager once the storage is virtualized. Some of the other excellent softwares exists are Tiered Storage Manager, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, and Tuning Manager. These softwares defined the classification of data and moving it to the lowest tier or to the cheapest harddisk.


My favourite is the HNAS, with the acquition of Bluearc in the past, HDS became officially in the race. The major advantage or the feature is the FPGA while competitors are still using the traditional micro controller approach. FPGA's are best suited for real-time applications. Virtualizing third party NAS for data migration etc are some of the features. Deduplication feature is added in the recent past for optimal use of storage space. Tiered Filesystem allows you to improve the HNAS performace by storing the metadata  in Tier-0 and the data in Tier-1.


Here comes the major launch of community.hds.com (June 10th 2013). Eventhough it existed in the past, it was not that popular as the current one. Lots of interesting people including (in no order)Donna Garber , Nick Gable , Jeff Maaks Lauren Klein , Michael Hay , Michael Ratner, Cris Danci , Vinod Subramaniam , Michelle Groff Burling , Mark Perino Francisco Salinas Pablo Bucich Rahul Bhat Nick Howe Paul Lewis Sara Gardner Erwin van Londen Carla Yashiro  etc. provides their input on various topics in all the zones in a different aspect. You guys are real inspiration for people like us who are growing.


The community developed a lots of good or valuable discussions that are real hot - some of the examples are Seth Faber "Re: What product vendor self-service tools do you find most valuable?",Krelle Bingbang  - "Re: How does one wipe an AMS 2500?, Erwin van Londen  Blog - "5-minute initial troubleshooting on Brocade equipment, Renee Stacey  - "Not all image viewers are created equal!  Is yours?", Chris Oliver  - "Deleting recursively via ssh Cris Danci A bleeding heart for SSL on the internet. etc are some discussions which really produced the heat index in the community. The community also endorses or encourages whoever is doing great in helping the community grow. People share their thoughts, starts discussion on different topics makes the community more live - that indicates that community.hds.com is not only a place to discuss technical things, but also a lot is happening apart from technical comparing to the other community websites.


I always wonder the way you people you think. You guys really rock!! Keep up the good going