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Hitachi Introduces Lumada Video Insights for the Development of Smart Spaces and Intelligent Ecosystems

Blog Post created by Mark Jules Employee on May 14, 2019

Hitachi Introduces Lumada Video Insights for the Development of Smart Spaces and Intelligent Ecosystems


Hitachi has led the way in building smart spaces, which Gartner included in their Top 10 Key Strategic Technology Trends of 2019, with successful projects and growth across industries and the globe. One of the biggest data opportunities for the insights that enable smart spaces is video, when combined with the power of AI and blended with other IoT and business data.


This source of data is already nearly ubiquitous throughout cities, facilities, campuses, transportation infrastructure and more – if all of this data were transformed into insights and complimented with other types of data, we would have the means for a much more data-driven world, leading to better efficiencies and less waste, improved public safety, and better experience for citizens, customers, and passengers. This makes video a top-tier data type that should be an important part of any organizations data strategy.



Enabling the Growth of Smart Spaces Through Video

To enable this future Hitachi Vantara today launched Lumada Video Insights, an end-to-end product portfolio to enable smart spaces. This includes data gathering, analysis, blending, storage and management, along with applications and analytics that provide the rich insights needed to make smarter decisions.


Lumada Video Insights has pulled together key capabilities of Hitachi into a single portfolio: 

  • Video analytics that deliver operational, business, and safety insights to our customers, doing more with the data from their existing cameras, while offering privacy protection
  • 3D Lidar solutions that provide real-time information from physical environments without collecting any personally identifiable information. 
  • Geospatial and graphical visualization of data, through the integration of Hitachi Visualization Suite and Lumada Analytics. 
  • Intelligent edge devices that gather, processing, store and transmit data, decreasing network costs and fragility for customers, as well as reducing privacy concerns by sending metadata and storing the majority of data on the device itself.
  • Built-for-video converged infrastructure that solves the unique challenges of storing and managing video data for our customers due to high volumes and speeds of data.



Protecting Privacy and Enabling Compliance

Privacy, data governance, and security are an important part of any data conversation, and Hitachi takes them very seriously. To address these, Hitachi offers privacy-protection for video analytics that doesn’t expose the personally identifiable information of people within the footage, as well as 3D Lidar that uses lasers to sense the world in real time, without capturing any private information. This solution can be deployed in sensitive areas that demand privacy, such as hospitals and schools. Hitachi also architects-in security into every step of the data pipeline, and offers intelligent data operations that provide data orchestration, governance, security, privacy protection, and compliance.



What This Means for Hitachi

Lumada Video Insights complements and extends Hitachi’s Lumada platform and services ecosystem, as well as applications portfolio to help our customers accelerate their IoT initiatives in order to cultivate their own smart spaces and ecosystems. With a growing number of customer success stories and increasing demand, Lumada Video Insights demonstrates significant momentum in the emerging Smart Spaces industry, and one that truly furthers our core mission of social innovation.


To learn more about Lumada Video Insights, and how it’s enabling Hitachi Smart Spaces, check out the links below and leave a comment to let us know how smart spaces could improve your business, operations, city, or customer experience: