Mike Nalls

A Year in Flash

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Jun 9, 2014

As we look back at the anniversary of the HDS Community, arguably the most disruptive technology in storage was flash. HDS shipped 19.5PB of flash last quarter in its storage systems which was more than even EMC. Reviewing the past year's accomplishments surprises me in hindsight to view the buildup to last quarter's achievement.


February, 2014


Hu Yoshida wrote in his annual IT Trends blog about the explosion of enterprise flash. Along with that explosion has been a certain amount of hype and hyperbole around the definition of enterprise flash. It is our contention that Hitachi Accelerated Flash includes the advanced processing power to support required features including wear leveling, extended ECC, reduced write amplification, high density and high performance over commodity solid state drives to truly meet the requirements of enterprise workloads.


November, 2013


HDS enhanced its flash offerings by introducing the all flash Hitachi Unified Storage 150. The company also doubled the capacity of the flash module drive to 3.2TB. In addition, we further enhanced the HUS VM operating system to double its performance again to 1,000,000 IOPS. Demonstrating this performance in the SPECsfs2008 NFS benchmark, a 2 node configuration set the best ever published response time of .59 milliseconds. The 4 node HNAS system delivered higher NFS operations per second than a comparable solid state based system from EMC despite having half as many file servers and one-eighth as many solid state devices.


August, 2013


For our mainframe customers, we released VSP with Hitachi Accelerated Flash to boost performance 26% for reads and 46% for writes with flash acceleration in the VSP operating system. Both Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager for Mainframe and Hitachi Dynamic Tiering for Mainframe were released to control storage service levels and to automate optimum performance for IBM z/OS environments.


July, 2013


Maximize IT was our launch theme which included among other technologies the Hitachi Unified Storage VM all flash system. Utilizing Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage, the HUS VM's operating system included the flash acceleration software previously introduced in our enterprise Virtual Storage Platform. This combination enabled the storage system to double its performance over hard disks to 500,000 random IOPS. The HUS VM offered enterprise functions in an all flash array. In the same month we announced VSP all flash system achieved the highest SPC-1 benchmark results for an external enterprise storage system.


Enterprise flash technology is still new to the industry and this coming year should bring even more growth to this technology as we participate in the continued growth of the HDS Community. Happy Anniversary!