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Value - in the eye of the beholder

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Jul 1, 2014

Value can be considered worth, utility, perception, quantity - depending on how you look at it. It comes down to what is important and how you measure it. In business transactions we tend to look at price as value, or price as putting a number on value. It's complicated because the value goes beyond the transaction to include brand, service and support and some elements of perception. For several years now, HDS midrange storage has been considered the value leader by customers worldwide.

In their most recent Vendor Landscape Report on Mid-Range to Entry Enterprise Storage Arrays, Info-Tech Research Group rated Hitachi Unified Storage as "Champion" and "Best Overall Value." Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry. The Value Score indexes each vendor’s product offering and business strength relative to their price point. On a relative basis, Hitachi Data Systems maintained the highest Info-Tech Value Score of the vendor group. Vendors were indexed against Hitachi Data Systems’ performance to provide a complete, relative view of their product offerings. Info-Tech evaluated eight competitors in the mid-range to entry enterprise storage array market for Enterprises seeking a solution for mid-range to entry enterprise-scale disk-based or hybrid storage arrays. This research is intended to help buyers understand what’s new in the mid-range to entry enterprise storage array market, evaluate storage array vendors and products for enterprise needs and determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios.    

Info-Tech-Best_Overall_Value-Circle High Res.jpeg


Info-Tech Research Group has been providing tactical, practical Information Technology research and analysis for sixteen years and is North America's fastest growing full-service IT analyst firm. Their value index ranks value per dollar based on the product's feature ranking to create a value score. In this study, not every vendor chose to provide pricing, so they could not all be scored on value, only on features. To explain the color coding in the table below, the gold color represents those vendors whose products were also considered "Champions" in their four quadrant evaluation. The average score here is 54 and all are indexed to Hitachi with the highest ranking.

Info-Tech Value Index.png

Our own customer research reflects that value is also realized in reducing total cost of ownership. 45% of our buyers realized a TCO reduction up to 25%. Pretty significant percentage and quite an impact on business results.

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Values differ of course and you might say organizations with like values tend to do business with each other. It's telling that buyers of mid-range storage value HDS for TCO reduction and the feature/price value set that matches the needs of their organization.