Mike Nalls

Buyer beware - quality matters

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Sep 15, 2014

We've all had that experience buying something on price only to have it break sooner than we expected. Then replacing it with what we thought was the better brand whose quality didn't stand up to our expectations. With consumer products there are reviews and buying guides for reference, even testing and certification to help in the purchase process. For data center storage quality is more difficult to discern even though we are potentially committing the organization's critical data to a machine for protection.


Hitachi Ltd. has built a reputation on product quality that extends to the midrange storage platforms from Hitachi Data Systems. But how do you know the quality of the equipment you're buying extends beyond brand value? Many buyers rely on their peers. Storage Magazine assists buyers in reaching their peers through an annual survey resulting in Quality Awards. Their midrange storage awards were recently published and HDS is proud again to be a top provider of high quality storage. This year showed very tight ratings among the top storage suppliers. With a winning margin of just .02 points, Storage Magazine called it a photo finish for the top spot.


Once we move beyond product quality, it is critical the product perform its function well in the environment. After all, storage has to efficiently manage the information in your environment. In this particular consideration, HDS "was the only vendor to score 6.00 or better on all seven category statements, coming out on top for four of them. Hitachi’s best result was a 6.77 for capacity scaling followed closely by a 6.75 for the statement “Overall, this product’s features meet my needs.” Its other statement winners were for management features and interoperability with other vendors’ gear." We're particularly proud of these observations as we consciously strive to deliver products and services that are an optimum fit in our customers' application environment.


Coming back to pure reliability, Hitachi's strength, "Hitachi registered a 6.71, built on leader-of-the-pack scores for products experiencing very little downtime (6.90), meeting service-level requirements (6.84) and providing patches that can be applied non-disruptively." We are still surprised that storage products are continued to be offered in this market which cannot be serviced online. We know reliability has to be earned and that it can be a fragile quality that is easily lost when reliability drops, so product reliability continues to be one of Hitachi's top engineering priorities.


Finally, at the end of the survey, buyers are asked if they would buy this product again if they had the chance to choose over. In this year's survey, Hitachi users resoundingly (91%) said they’d buy from us again. Thank you so much to all of you who participated and for those who did not, thank you for your business!