Mike Nalls

Performance Plus: Virtual Storage Platform All-Flash

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on May 15, 2015

Already known for the highest flash performance recorded in an industry standard benchmark, HDS has introduced an entire range of storage platforms based on this top-rated enterprise technology.


The newest members of the VSP family; VSP G200, VSP G400, VSP G600 and VSP G800 are all available with Hitachi Accelerated Flash for achieving the highest performance in their class*.

In another lab validation we also showed that VSP G400 performed at more than twice the virtual server workloads compared to HUS 150 in a VMware vSphere environment. In addition, the processor usage on the G400 was about 50% less than the processor usage on HUS 150.


As Evaluator Group notes, HDS has led enterprise scale storage virtualization for many years. With the G1000 and now the rest of the family, global storage virtualization provides the ability to virtualize across metro and remote distances. In VMware environments, this capability provides for nondisruptive operations for assured VMware based application availability, workload mobility for movement of VMs and associated applications among VSP storage platforms, nondisruptive data migration between storage arrays running SVOS and continuous storage infrastructure for cloud based IT services spanning the enterprise data center and a cloud services provider.


Hitachi’s technology investment makes it all possible. Hitachi has obtained over 200 patents in Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage architecture and features. For patents issued over the past ten years, Hitachi has obtained more patents in the field of storage than any other company. For example, our embedded flash controller in the flash module drive is a multi-core device supporting multiple paths to the memory chips with the power to improve throughput.

Family Features.png

Beyond sheer performance, the feature set of these platforms is difficult to match in any flash only storage system. Available as all flash, hybrid, unified or virtualization systems, all members of the VSP family share common software and management for consistency across organizations of all sizes. SVOS on all platforms ensures native replication, snapshots, encryption, non-disruptive hardware and software upgrades, and the same enterprise capabilities of our high-end G1000 system.


*Performance values are based on HDS internal test data for G200, G400 and G600. VSP G800 performance is estimated. All capacities are calculated with 3.2TB flash module drives. VSP G800 model will be available after announcement.