Mike Nalls

Blurring the Lines Between Enterprise and Midrange Storage

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Aug 18, 2015

This week HDS released a new member in the VIrtual Storage Platform family, the VSP G800. This platform illustrates how the classifications of enterprise and midrange storage have blurred and, if not for the VSP G1000, have all but disappeared. Just consider the capabilities now available in what once would have been termed midrange storage:


  • Best-in-class 1.15 million flash-accelerated IOPS performance.
  • 100% data availability guarantee. (HDS is the only company to offer this!)
  • Industry-leading storage virtualization support of over 100 storage systems.
  • Best hybrid flash promotion using Hitachi Dynamic Tiering active flash.


Features and specifications like these would have characterized enterprise storage not too long ago. In fact, many of our customers worldwide consider this class enterprise storage for their organizations. Its architecture is modeled on the industry’s highest rated VSP G1000 to eliminate points of failure found in other storage systems.  For both block and file applications that need continuous operations, the global-active device feature enables active-active data centers with zero downtime, zero recovery time objectives and no data loss.  In fact we now offer this capability across the entire VSP family. Another new capability now available across the line is Hitachi Dynamic Tiering active flash which improves workload responsiveness by rapidly moving suddenly active data to flash tiers for maximum performance.

Rather than force any definition, we'll leave it up to you to decide: enterprise, midrange, neither. In the end it only matters to you, and how we can help you turn data into valuable information.