Mike Nalls

Finding the most reliable all-flash array

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Nov 10, 2015

Today we introduced the new VSP F series all flash arrays. Utilizing Hitachi’s patented FMD DC2 flash module, this new line of all flash arrays will deliver best in class performance with no-penalty inline compression and the flash industry’s only 100% data availability guarantee. 

VSP F series.png

The three models in the all flash lineup are complete systems with all hardware and software included at a very competitive effective capacity price. Each is offered with a choice of FMD DC2 capacities. A full software suite is included with every all-flash VSP Fx00 model for management, protection and analytics. To get the most out of flash investments, analytics measures the performance of applications, storage, hypervisors, and host operating systems. You can analyze performance from virtual machines to logical storage resources even at one-second intervals. Optional software includes remote replication, advanced analytics, data-at-rest encryption and provisioning automation. The latter is offered with new all-flash service templates to streamline deployment of flash capacity to applications.

F series software.png

The VSP F series design was built for flash with over 350 patents in unique hardware and software technologies. By contrast, software only designs available today must depend upon commodity servers and solid state drives. Hitachi believes a purpose-built design can deliver superior scalability, performance and reliability while still remaining price competitive. For example, the high speed controllers feature an active-active multi-core design based on the best-in-class Hitachi enterprise architecture. Combined with non-disruptive microcode updates, no single points of failure, hot-swap components, remote monitoring and advanced data protection we are confident in the industry’s first and only 100% data availability guarantee for all flash systems.


The Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) includes patented “express” I/O algorithms that move data directly to flash for optimized random I/O processing and lower latency. The new FMD DC2 flash modules increase capacity efficiency with no performance penalty. Each FMD DC2 utilizes inline compression which operates ten times faster than competitive technologies running in software. Combined with doubling the raw capacity (6.4TB per FMD DC2) we can provide four times more effective capacity for a lower total cost. Each FMD DC2 now delivers up to five times the write performance and three times the read performance of solid state drives.

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Risk adverse organizations are taking great lengths to protect unauthorized data from leaving their secure data centers. Some organizations will require that a complete data eradication process be available for any storage device that they procure. HDS is the only flash vendor that offers a data eradication solution that exceeds the recommendations of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the purge and verification of all user data – including user data stored in overprovisioned (inaccessible) cells.


In order to realize the dream of an all-flash datacenter, IT professionals making this significant investment should consider the longevity of the storage system, increasing workloads and the ability to ensure consistent performance at scale. The VSP F series with its 100% availability guarantee and scalable enterprise-class FMD DC2 flash checks all the boxes.