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Eliminate Flash Compression Slowdown – Compress Inline

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Feb 16, 2016

All-flash arrays feature capacity efficiency technologies like compression to reduce the cost of flash media. If your data type is appropriate, like databases in this case, your storage price per gigabyte can approach that of traditional disk-based storage. In most all-flash arrays, compression comes at a cost due to its use of the processor cycles in the storage controller which can reduce your flash performance.

Flash Compression DB.png

Hitachi designed compression into the new FMD DC2 flash module ASIC to preserve processing resources on the array controller so it can perform key storage array operations and data protection functions without slowing down. This new inline offload engine enables lossless compression with encoding designed for high performance using a small-memory footprint.  Its parallel processing delivers real-time (de)compression which ensures there is higher throughput, better efficiency and no lag in response time.

Inline Compression.png

The FMD DC2 compression engine enables data reduction efficiency similar to software compression algorithms found in other all flash arrays at 10 times their speed since it is run on the flash module. Inline compression eliminates the storage array burden associated with typical software implementations which can incur 50% drop in performance and consume similar percentage overhead in capacity required for metadata. No other flash media technology is designed to compress enterprise transactional database data without performance impact.


Compressed capacity can then be exploited in pool volumes that are greater than the physical capacity of the media itself. Hitachi Command Suite metrics indicate whether the accelerated compression feature is enabled and whether the expanded virtual space is used or not. There are no changes to the current workflow for the storage administrator. The savings percentage is displayed to show the amount of capacity that is being saved by the new accelerated compression feature.

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The new FMD DC2 is featured in our VSP F series, our all-flash offering for consolidating unified workloads, delivering leading performance / low latency and offering best-in-class application integration (including VMware Virtual Volumes). Compress without compromising performance.