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Why Buy Hitachi Flash? 100% Client Satisfaction!

Blog Post created by Mike Nalls Employee on Mar 8, 2016

Sure, you know what we say are the reasons for buying flash storage, but what do the actual buyers have to say about it? HDS works with TechValidate to perform regular customer surveys on our products. These surveys are managed through the marketing organization, so you’ll see my interpretation through that lens, since we wrote the questions. We asked our customers what drove their purchase, who else they considered, how it met their expectations and what kind of results they achieved.


We started by asking them what drove their purchase in the first place. Virtual server and database workloads were primary, virtual desktop not so much. HDS does tend to primarily support larger, more consolidated workloads so it does align with our expertise. With databases you’d expect to see increasing transactions, reducing response time and faster access to be key.

Primary Use of VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash.png          Flash Success.png

To learn a bit more, we asked about our performance in these key workloads. Over 80% were able to increase their transaction rates up to 25%. That is some serious economics. A few percent increase can allow for many more orders, payments, or shipments to be completed in less time. Just over 60% were able to improve their quality of service. That kind of success might have a significant effect on customer satisfaction or employee productivity. For a real world example, read how Owens Corning achieved off the chart performance.

VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash Increases Transactions.png      VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash Improves Quality of Service  .png

Related to database performance, over 50% were able to reduce application response time by up to 50%. Can you imagine what a difference that would make? All of us would take notice of that speed! 50% were able to reduce their datacenter footprint by up to 50%. That’s another statistic adding up to real money whether you manage your own site or pay someone for colocation service. Your electrical and real estate environmental operating cost could be reduced as a result.

 VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash Reduces Response Time  .png     VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash Reduces Datacenter Footprint.png

Then we wanted to know what other vendors did were considered in this busy playing field of flash storage. Far and away, 84% of those surveyed chose HDS over EMC. This survey went to our VSP G series hybrid flash storage customers, so their responses were not limited to XtremIO alone, it would presumably include VMAX and VNX as alternatives. The other vendors considered were in the 20-30% range of consideration.


The survey was intended to learn how our products compared against expectations. In this regard, 84% responded we met or exceeded their expectations. We added a write-in questions so the customers could express what kind of benefits were achieved. “Client satisfaction 100%" “Ease of use and faster access speeds” “Low and stable read response time for a random mix of the enterprise applications. Write response remain low as well” ”Accelerated response times and smaller foot print” were some of the most exciting responses.


Finally, we ended with asking how they would rate us. 7.5 out of 10 was the response. Clearly, our flash storage has a significant business impact! Try out our flash finder tool to see what would work for you.

4 Stars for VSP G series with Hitachi Accelerated Flash .png          Find Your Flash.png


(TechValidate survey completed February, 2016. https://www.techvalidate.com/app/projects/4104)