Matthew O'Keefe

Live Blog IEEE Massive Storage Systems and Technologies Conference, June 3rd Sessions

Blog Post created by Matthew O'Keefe on Jun 3, 2014

Great keynote talk this morning by Prof. John Ousterhout on his RAMCloud design and vision for low-latency data centers. Ousterhout argues that data centers going forward will focus on both scale and latency. Although most applications today are built based on high-latency assumptions, he says that new large-scale applications will be based on clouds of consciousness, which include groups of entities must have low latency access to each other's applications. Facebook friends or commuters in a local area are examples of these kinds of clouds of entities that can drive low-latency applications. Ousterhout outlined the core design principles of RAMCloud, principally driven by log-structured techniques for creating durability and efficient use of RAM. Lots of interesting ideas about where the market is headed at large-scale and what applications might drive usage in the future.