Navaid Khan

The need to for an 'Intelligent Edge'

Blog Post created by Navaid Khan Employee on Jan 26, 2018

I wanted to share an excellent webinar that took place yesterday on the topic of Intelligent Edge - The next frontier of IOT Innovation from Momentum Partners.


I would strongly encourage those that are interested to go and watch the webinar, the url is listed below;


Or download the screen snapshots in the slide deck in the link below.


I thought the webinar was a comprehensive view on the need for edge analytics, the drivers behind this trend, (cloud not suitable for edge use cases, low latency apps, robotics, connected cars, and more). Business trends, growth numbers, TAM and examples of use cases.


The ‘Simple Taxonomy of an IOT’ is a great slide as that shows clearly the functional capabilities needed at the edge, for e.g. storage, compute, analytics, integration…all are needed various form factors to meet specific use case requirements. This is important to Hitachi as it represents lots of opportunities to develop the right solutions that combine all of these capabilities to deliver the intelligent edge.


The Challenges and Opportunities slide is a good reflection of the role Hitachi can play, the use cases are business transformative use cases i.e. consultative selling and needing a co-creation innovation approach.


The Solution Provider slide captures the essence of these transformative programs – ‘Don’t just create a Smart Factory – create a Smart Enterprise’. This is where Hitachi’s full portfolio comes in play as we are helping to lay the foundations of a business transformation for our customers and not just OT/IT Digital Transformation.


The interesting thing is Momenta Partners also provides advisory services to many of our customers on IOT Strategy. They manage RFI/RFP process for customers and influencing organizations like these will give us more targeted mind share to our customer CXO’s.


Please download the slide deck with the screen captures. I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar and hope you all find it useful too..!