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HDS Selected as a “Champion” in Mid-Range Storage

Blog Post created by Neil Salamack Employee on Apr 26, 2017


“*HDS delivers a feature-rich architecture that is consistent from the enterprise down to mid-range” -
2017 Vendor Landscape: Mid-Range Storage:Info-Tech Research Group


It’s always great to receive industry recognition based on your products strengths and that’s exactly what happened as HDS was recognized by the Info-Tech Research Group for industry leading mid-range storage solutions. Info-Tech evaluated 9 competitors in the mid-range storage market and HDS made the top 4 or “Champions” list.  The HDS
VSP G Series 200/400/600 and 800
excelled in areas like virtualization and powerful easy-to- use management.  But
what does this accolade mean to customers? After all that is where we strive to be recognized as a “Champion” every
day by enabling our customers to win in their markets.


Why the HDS Approach to Mid –Range Storage is Different

HDS approaches mid-range storage with the same commitment to availability and agility that we do with our enterprise VSP F series all-flash arrays.  Our VSP G Series mid-range arrays can be configured with SSDs, HDDs, or Hitachi FMDs based on the customers need and budget. In addition, HDS SVOS (Storage Virtualization Operating System) is designed to take advantage of the hardware by dynamically allocating IOPS where needed without any tuning required for maximum performance.  The difference is that HDS doesn’t limit its mid-range offerings, and they support high end virtualization features like VMware VVOLS and virtualization of external storage.


Enterprise-Class Application Availability for the Mid-Range

In addition, The VSP G series can be clustered using Hitachi’s GAD (Global Active Device) software giving customers “enterprise-class” availability for their mid –range systems. Let’s face it, applications don’t know or care what hardware they are running on… but limiting mid-range arrays by not giving them the ability to cluster can lead to availability problems and costly downtime.  HDS recognizes that our customers who choose our VSP G Series are purchasing it for the value, but availability features must never be economized on.  Info-Tech stated, “*The (HDS) mid-range solutions are based on the same design as the high-end VSP solutions”.


Hitachi is a Primary Technology Innovator

No, this is not just marketing… HDS has over 350 patents in flash technology.  In fact our VSP G Series mid-range can be configured with the same Hitachi Accelerated Flash in our high-end enterprise offering.   Hitachi Accelerated Flash is the combination of a proprietary flash module that offers the highest IOPS (4.8M) in the industry along with our flash optimized operating system.  The Hitachi SVOS (Storage Virtualization Operating System) integrates intelligently with the flash modules to provide unparalleled quality of service.  The FMD’s integrate a proprietary ASIC which prioritizes
the flash and directs the IOPS to data operations.  The result is that HDS VSP G Series arrays will not degrade in performance over time and they will run just as quickly at 100% utilization as at 20% utilization.  Underscoring this value, Info-Tech Research Group noted, “HDS may observe advantages in pricing and performance, as it fabricates unique flash media, the Flash Module Drive (FMD), which offers high performance and on-board inline compression.  So there you have it, the highest performance flash at a super competitive price!


VSP G-Series, Your “Champion” in Mid-Range Storage

Your workload may be “mid-range”, but the importance and availability of your data is not.  Hitachi stands behind every flash array with the industries only 100% Availability Guarantee. Check out the HDS VSP G-Series Mid-Range Hybrid Arrays and VSP F- Series Enterprise All-Flash Arrays and win with a “Champion” in your datacenter.


*2017 Vendor Landscape: Mid-Range Storage:Info-Tech Research Group