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Hitachi Kicks it up a Notch with Refreshed All-Flash Arrays

Blog Post created by Neil Salamack Employee on May 10, 2017

VSP 400, 600 and 800 Models Receive Higher Capacity, Unified Capability, and Enhanced Software options




Expanded Configuration Options and Higher Capacity

This week HDS released some major enhancements to their midrange models (VSP 400/600/800) which are part of the VSP Series of all-flash arrays. The upgrades focus on more choice for the customer including the addition of 7TB and 14TB FMD options as well as the ability to configure the systems and upgrade in 4 FMD increments. Consequently the capacity scaling now aligns with Hitachi’s popular G Series family of hybrid arrays.


NAS and SAN in one “Unified” Array

To expand the use cases and take advantage of data center modernization and consolidation, The VSP 400, 600 and 800 can now be configured as a “unified” array with the purchase of an optional NAS blade that integrates into the chassis.  In addition, customers select from 2 NAS Software packages (NAS Foundation or NAS Advanced) which offer popular software titles at a reduced cost.



More Value-Added Software Choice

Hitachi has now extended the same software packages available in their enterprise –class F1500 to all models in the VSP F Series family.  When customers purchase an F400, F600 or F800 they can select from a Foundation or Advanced software package which a superior bang for buck over competitive storage software offerings, as well as a very reduced price from licensing the titles a la carte.  In addition Hitachi’s industry leading GAD (Global Active Device) and NDM (Non-Disruptive Migration) are now available for the F400, F600 and F800.  GAD provides enterprise-class, active-active data protection and enabling near zero recovery time objects and recovery point objectives.  These enterprise-class features are now available for the midrange models and provide customers with same legendary Hitachi flash reliability offered in the flagship F1500 model.




GAD= Global Active Device, RRE = Remote replication extended, MF = mainframe, HAD = Hitachi Automation Director, NDM = Non-disruptive data migration, SVOS = Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System, UVM = Hitachi Universal Volume Manager, HDID = Hitachi Data Instance Director, HDCA = Hitachi Data Center Analytics, HIAA = Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor



New “Flash Assurance Program”

Hitachi’s reputation for offering the most reliable flash arrays is legendary as these products are deployed in support of
mission-critical applications like transportation, energy and manufacturing.  In fact 80% of the Fortune 500 relies on Hitachi Flash Solutions as Hitachi Data Systems is the only vendor to offer a 100% Data Availability Guarantee. Newly available for VSP F400, VSP F600 and VSP F800 models, the Flash Assurance Program helps businesses eliminate the guesswork from owning all-flash storage by:

  • Consistent maintenance pricing:
    Better manage ongoing costs and budgets with predictable maintenance pricing over the life of the purchase. VSP F series has flat maintenance pricing with no price spikes in later years.
  • Analytics software: Accurately predict when and where upgrades are required for better budget management. Included analytics software monitors servers, network and storage to pinpoint where bottlenecks exist and accelerate resolution of ecosystem issues.
  • Ongoing media replacement: This benefit, which Hitachi customers have enjoyed for years, ensures that if any FMD wears out or fails, it will be replaced free of charge (requires valid maintenance contract).
  • Twice the data reduction, guaranteed: Eliminate guesswork from how much flash storage you need to purchase. Hitachi Data Systems’ data reduction services deliver two times or more capacity savings.


Hitachi is committed to delivering the world’s most reliable all-flash arrays to all segments of the market, so be sure to check out what’s new with the VSP F series.    Learn More