Nick Winkworth

Hitachi Servers Power New SAP Capabilities

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Jun 20, 2014

SAP's SAPPHIRE conference recently wrapped up in Orlando Florida. It was a busy event for HDS - marking the 20th anniversary of our relationship with SAP, recently boosted by an OEM agreement (signed in January).


It was also an opportunity to demonstrate how Hitachi's unique server technologies power applications like SAP and deliver value that competitors simply can't match.


Front and center was our new CB520X B1 blade - as mentioned in my previous blog post. This is the first in the industry to scale to 8 Intel Xeon E7 series processors and it can support up to 12TB of internal memory. Just like our other CB500 blades, the CB520X comes standard with Hitachi's logical partitioning (LPAR) technology, and the big news of the event was that SAP has verified it's SAP Business Suite for use on LPAR technology.


Why is Hitachi's logical partitioning on x86 such a big deal for SAP Business Suite? Well, benefits include a bevy of improved efficiencies as well as simplified deployment and management of SAP solutions - all at substantially lower cost compared to other virtualization technologies. In fact, customers using Hitachi LPAR have already realized the following benefits:

  • Total costs reduced by as much as 70%
  • Improved application density by as much as 33:1
  • Reduction in the number of servers required by up to 80%
  • Space, power and maintenance reduction up to 40%


And with such a huge maximum memory capacity, the CB520X blade is an ideal platform for in-memory analytics applications such as SAP HANA, so its no wonder that conference attendees were excited to learn about our new enterprise data warehouse appliance that consists of the SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) application running on SAP HANA. Naturally this solution, "UCP for SAP HANA", is built on this new industry-leading server technology, as well as our brand new VSP G1000 virtualized storage.


The take-away here is that at Hitachi, technology innovation is not just an academic exercise to improve benchmark numbers - it truly serves to deliver real-world application value for our customers. That's what we mean by "Business-Defined IT"!


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