Nick Winkworth

Are You Experienced?

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Jul 22, 2014

I know. We techies tend to obsess about the fastest performance, the coolest features and the latest technology. Don't get me wrong; this stuff is important and Hitachi is working as hard as anyone at engineering and delivering great innovations in hardware. However the fact is that even the most blazing performance and whizz-bang-iest of features will be worthless if you can't set the stuff up quickly and easily and actually use it. That's why good management and orchestration software is absolutely critical.


Great features mean nothing without a great user experience.


It was with this thought in mind that I recently sat down with HDS's Senior Product Manager for server management software, Justin Smith, to see what's new,in server management and what's coming up next. I think you'll be impressed!


You can see our conversation here.


Hopefully you'll find it interesting and are tempted to experience Hitachi's server management software for yourself.