Nick Winkworth

What makes Hitachi Servers “Visionary”?

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Jun 3, 2016


A few days ago Gartner Inc. published their latest Magic Quadrant for Modular Servers. In the 2016 edition of their annual analysis, Hitachi modular servers are positioned in the "Visionaries" quadrant – moving up from the “Niche” quadrant, where we were positioned in 2015.


Gartner subscribers can view the new 2016 Magic Quadrant for Modular Servers at


Gartner’s analysts rate vendors based on a broad consideration of 15 weighted criteria, mapped against the two axes of "ability to execute" and "completeness of vision".  The Magic Quadrant does not consider fitness for individual use cases. To be in the “Leader” quadrant, for example, a company must offer a broad range of products that address every possible customer requirement. That isn’t HDS. Our strategy has always been to deliver a set of offerings specifically optimized for enterprise converged solutions and major account needs. Given this, we consider, Gartner’s recognition of Hitachi as “visionary” is a major vindication of our strategy.


Why did Gartner move Hitachi from Niche to Visionary?


After 50 years of server innovation, we continue to execute on delivery of enterprise modular servers that deliver the power of high end Unix servers but at an x86 price point. Our Compute Blade 500 and Compute Blade 2500 servers offer market leading features that stand apart from the competition. For example, Hitachi was a pioneer in “composable architecture” technologies long before the current term was fashionable. We have developed, delivered and enhanced these capabilities over many years in products such as logical partitioning (LPAR) and UCP Director – and these products today have functionality that competitors only dream of.




In 2015 the market responded positively to our strategy. We saw major growth in our server business, driven by our laser focus on solutions and a big increase in the visibility and awareness of our unique server features and value they bring to our customers.


Finally, we were able to share with Gartner our vision for the future, and some details of next generation products.  This vision aligns well with the current market direction that Gartner sees and clearly demonstrates that we will continue to innovate and be relevant as we make significant investments in the development of unique technologies which will redefine the industry.


Hitachi is committed to continued investment in innovation to bring new server products to market which meet the needs of our demanding enterprise customers. We consider Gartner's recognition of Hitachi as a Visionary in the modular server market as an endorsement of our strategy and acknowledgement that we are not simply following industry trends, but leading.