Nick Winkworth

Keeping It Simple

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Sep 13, 2017

Over time, technology tends to become more sophisticated, adding new features, new functions and new capabilities. Of course, all this is good news …until we have to deploy and manage it.




Technologies are becoming ever more interconnected too, and vendor specialization means that expert knowledge is deep rather than wide. Complete systems are composed of many parts which must all work together flawlessly, even though they may come from different suppliers and vendors.


This is especially true in the world of IT. (Even in our personal lives I’m sure most of us have updated our laptop or phone, only to find a critical app that was incompatible - hopefully just another minor but frustrating update away!).

IT systems comprise compute, storage, networks, system software, applications, management tools… the list goes on, and the challenge to keep everything working together smoothly is getting harder even as budgets shrink and demands to innovate increase.


This, in part, explains the move to converged and hyper-converged infrastructure. The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently reported that between 2015 and 2017 the percentage of companies expecting to fulfill the majority of their IT requirements over the next 5 years with traditional “best of breed” hardware components (vs converged and hyper-converged) dropped from 57% to just 29%!


So how can converged and hyper-converged systems make life simpler?


Validated designs – know in advance that the system will meet not just your performance, and capacity needs, but security and data protection, too.


Factory built and tested – All the parts are there. They all work. Together.


Smart provisioning – Rolling out a new app is now just a few clicks away.  What used to take days can be done in minutes.


Automated management – With policy based operation you can spend less time just “keeping the lights on”. Managing patches and updates becomes a snap rather than a nightmare.


Proactive maintenance - Data analytics is not just for customer data – if you know what to look for, your IT systems data can alert you to problems before they happen and take action in advance.


Hitachi is a leader in converged and hyper-converged systems – as well as your go-to partner for data driven digital transformation. Throughout September we are rolling out a series of exciting refreshes to our Unified Compute Platform (UCP) portfolio with updates, new technologies and new capabilities.


It’s important to remember though, that even as we give you more, we are making your life SIMPLER!


Check our website for the latest updates and be ready for more announcements at Hitachi NEXT (Sept 18-21 in Las Vegas)!