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Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Sep 20, 2017

Have you noticed? Things are getting smaller (… except phone screens!) and faster (…except the traffic here in Silicon Valley!).


hubbleNGC6946.jpgGalaxy NGC6946 (Hubble Space Telescope) - far away in space, and time!


Today (Sept. 19, 2017) we announced the next generation of our Unified Compute Platform converged infrastructure product, UCP CI.  The first UCP systems were introduced over five years ago, pairing our long experience with data management and server technology with management automation, integration, networking and virtualization.  With each generation, UCP systems gain new features and capabilities.


If you spot our UCP CI rack on the exhibition floor at Hitachi NEXT in Las Vegas this week, the first thing you will notice is that instead of bulky blade chassis, it’s sporting some sleek new rackmount servers. These are the brand new Hitachi Advanced Server DS120 servers, based on Intel’s latest sixth generation Xeon processors.


Hitachi Advanced Server DS120


For several years there has been a steady trend towards rack based servers in data centers, driven by lower cost, higher density and lower power consumption – and enabled by better reliability and the adoption of high availability features into software.


UCP takes full advantage of this trend enabling customers to experience a 25% improvement in compute density, along with higher performance. Yes - savings in time and space!



UCP CI is also the only converged infrastructure platform that can be configured to take advantage of the complete family of VSP storage arrays, from the entry level G200 to the all-flash monster F1500. VSP even allows UCP CI customers to leverage storage they already own.


At VMworld a couple of weeks ago, we introduced UCP RS – a rack scale solution based on VMware’s Cloud Foundation software – to join UCP HC, our hyperconverged solution. If you wonder why it matters to have a whole toolkit of solutions, rather than just one, check out Chris Gugger’s excellent blog)


What makes UCP CI special? It’s all about data, ...and flexibility!


Hitachi is a long established leader in data management, protection and governance and UCP CI brings all that experience, functionality and capability to our converged infrastructure systems with Hitachi's extensive family of sophisticated VSP hardware and software products. It is the ideal foundation for a modern data strategy.


In addition, UCP CI allows you to independently configure and grow compute, storage and networking to meet your exact application needs - optimizing cost and space - to support any workload at any scale.


The new UCP family is now complete. UCP HC, UCP RS and now UCP CI - with UCP Advisor software for automated management and orchestration for all. Data is your most important asset. It's where Hitachi Vantara leads - and the UCP family can lead the way in your modern data centric digital transformation.


For more information, check out the UCP page on the brand new Hitachi Vantara website!