Nick Winkworth

Will you bend or break? Flexibility in The Data Center

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Jun 5, 2018


To paraphrase an old saying; “in IT, the only constant is change”. This is truer today than it has ever been.


Today’s IT departments are under pressure to accommodate the needs of new digital businesses, comply with new regulations and manage unprecedented volumes of data from sources they could not have dreamed of just a few years ago – and then extract actionable business insights from it all.


I should add that in most cases these are not replacing the core systems that have run their businesses for years but are in addition to them.


Expectations from users and departments are changing, too. The time between initial idea and execution is rapidly diminishing and as-a-service options are overturning old models of charge-back and financing.


In this world, new capabilities have become critical to succeed and thrive in the hurricane of change:


  • Rapidly deploy new applications.
  • Rapidly scale applications from pilot to production and beyond
  • Scale down as demand changes
  • Accommodate applications with extreme needs – complex analytics, video streams, huge data volumes, thousands of IoT devices
  • Move applications and data seamlessly between private and public clouds
  • Blend data from disparate applications – old and new – to deliver new insights
  • Reallocate resources on a dime to meet new demands
  • Automate as much as possible


It might seem like an impossible challenge to create a data center flexible enough to accommodate all this, but still be simple enough to manage easily.


The answer can be found in flexible converged infrastructure, such as Hitachi Vantara’s Unified Compute Platform CI (UCP CI).

Because it can support not only scale-out virtualized environments and hybrid cloud, but also scale-up business solutions like SAP HANA and Oracle database under one automated management environment, UCP CI can consolidate many types of application onto a single flexible platform which is simple to manage.



Pre-tested building blocks speed physical deployment and expansion, while UCP Advisor (automated management and orchestration software) allows resources to be allocated where needed – and re-allocated when things change.


If an application needs extreme processing power or massive data throughput, UCP CI offers a range of configurable server options as well as support for the complete portfolio of Hitachi Vantara’s VSP all-flash F-Series and hybrid flash G-Series storage arrays, giving UCP CI the ability to support almost any workload, at any scale.


Consolidating onto a converged platform also eliminates data silos and opens a wealth of possibilities to extract value from sources that were previously inaccessible to analysis.


Today’s IT departments must deploy fast, scale up, scale out, manage any workload - and be prepared to change in an instant.


Does your IT department have the flexibility to do this? Or could it break under the pressure of change?


To discover why Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI is your best choice to help you thrive in a world of change, view this checklist.