Nick Winkworth

Gearing up for Data. Can your infrastructure support a modern data strategy?

Blog Post created by Nick Winkworth Employee on Jun 22, 2018


Today's biggest customer challenge, Digital Transformation, is changing everything in the data center, from how we do things, who does it and the hardware and software we use.


We know that companies are working hard to enhance their customer experiences, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and more consistently deliver the service levels demanded in today’s competitive landscape.


These are just some of the imperatives which are driving our customers to take a closer look at converged infrastructure solutions such as Hitachi's Unified Compute Platform CI (UCP CI). These systems are designed to support a broad range of workloads and deliver efficiency, responsiveness and simplicity. They allow flexible configuration, simpler integrated management and provide a platform for autonomous operations.


But the real challenge comes from DATA – both in its exponentially increasing quantity and in the need to extract business value and actionable insight. This means that a critical requirement to meet the challenge of Digital Transformation is a modern data strategy built upon data services which can ensure performance levels, data protection, cost efficiency - and support the analytic tools needed to uncover the business insights which can drive value.


At Hitachi Vantara, this is in our DNA and in fact, last month we announced some impressive new features and capabilities for our Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family of all flash and hybrid flash arrays – and since these VSP systems are a core component of UCP CI, our converged platforms benefit from these advances, too.


Our new VSP systems give UCP CI a 3x boost in performance, combined with vastly improved dedupe and compression. We also extended our unique 100% data availability guarantee to cover all the new VSP models right down to the new entry level F350 and G350. The new UCP CI also supports all the software tools and capabilities that come from many years of research and development in VSP – such as Global Active Device (GAD) and adapters to support containers (including Kubernetes), and VMware functionality such as VROPS, VASA and more.


It's one thing to have performance, functionality and unified management, but to truly realize the value locked in your data you must be able to "connect the dots" between data across your organization. A modern data strategy is one which eliminates the data silos created when independent systems were deployed for specific applications, usually with data which is incompatible with other applications, and physically isolated.


Because UCP CI has the flexibility to support such a wide range of workloads – including both scale up and scale out applications – with a common data management framework, it is an ideal way to consolidate those data silos and enable modern analytic tools to do their work.




Eliminating data silos breaks down the barriers to innovation and unlocks the potential in your data -- and UCP CI, built on the foundation of many years of R&D in VSP storage, gives you the tools you need to manage and protect that data.


Learn how UCP and VSP from Hitachi Vantara can team up to help you transform your business with data center modernization, and learn more about UCP CI.