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Simplify SAP HANA environment with Hitachi

Blog Post created by Parisa Fathi Employee on Sep 15, 2015

Recently, IDC published a paper titled : Ensuring Robustness with Simplicity: Hitachi Unified Compute (UCP) Platform for the SAP HANA Platform”.  IDC writes the various issues Hitachi Solutions for SAP users should consider when evaluating system vendors for SAP HANA. It notes that even though SAP has stringent specifications for any hardware intended for SAP HANA and vendors go through a rigorous SAP certification process, despite the common requirements, no two systems are the same and there are in fact distinct differences and advantages that can be significant.


IDC reports that a key challenge for system vendors is to provide support for continuous availability, nonstop maintenance, and disaster recovery support. This requires innovations in storage and intersystem communications, especially between the primary and disaster recovery sites. Hitachi excels in this area but aside from this just a few of the other unique Hitachi UCP for SAP HANA advantages IDC identified were:

  1. Scalability 
  2. High density enabling consolidation 
  3. Solid Performance


Two large SAP HANA customers, Infosys and Atos, were interviewed to determine their business reasons for selecting Hitachi to run their SAP HANA environment.  Both of these customers are long time Hitachi customers because of the reliability and quality offered by Hitachi systems. In its interviews, IDC discovered additional reasons why each vendor selected Hitachi to run their SAP HANA environment as outlined below:



  1. Density- only vendor to offer a 6TB scale-up SAP HANA appliance that met their requirements
  2. Scalability simplified by same blade technology for scale-up and scale-out
  3. Consolidation with Hitachi LPAR technology- first company to release and support for x86 servers for SAP HANA platform



  1. Scalability- no other vendor offered the range of scalability offered by Hitachi
  2. Solid Performance

IDC concludes by noting that the Hitachi UCP for the SAP HANA Platform offers a compelling solution in terms of size, scaling, storage consolidation, storage performance, and overall simplicity of management.

Want to learn more, catch it here IDC Paper: Hitachi for SAP HANA